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360° Cameras for All-Round Performance
Feel secure from every angle with our 360-degree cameras

Panasonic has recently announced the launch of two new series of 360 degree cameras, promising the delivery of sharp imaging and high sensitivity, and engineered for evidence capturing under challenging conditions.

The latest additions to our i-PRO Extreme range have the ability to reduce data volume whilst maintaining high video quality. Through combining 5MP or 9MP resolution with the latest smart coding technology, the cameras have the capability to significantly reduce storage and network bandwidth, resulting in an industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) standard.

Our technology also combines reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with our own embedded cryptography technology to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer.

9 Megapixel 360-degree Vandal Resistant Outdoor Fisheye Camera

Panasonic WV-X4571L(M) captures the highest quality images, even in the most challenging environments. In particular, its high-quality lenses add extra clarity to the edges of the frame allowing for huge coverage within any vicinity.

The 9MP fisheye model and its 5MP counterpart are designed for high durability in extreme conditions, with a dehumidification device, and salt resistant screws, making them suitable for severe environments such as those with fluctuating temperatures, high humidity levels and sudden vibrations. Also, the WV-X4571L is equipped with built-in IR LED to produce a clear monochrome image in zero lux conditions with 10m irradiation distance.

Also, as we recognise that cybersecurity has become a growing concern for all, this camera supports full data encryption streaming and is compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards, keeping the video stream extremely secure.

Reduce storage capacity, not image quality!

Panasonic Smart Coding technology, embedded in our 360° cameras, features some of the most advanced compression techniques, reducing your data storage needs whilst maintaining the best image quality. To achieve this, Smart Coding technology reduces the bitrate of a video stream to achieve lower bandwidth consumption and smaller file sizes. H.265 Smart Coding provides over 95% total file size reduction compared to H.264.

Our Variable Image Quality on Specified area (VIQS) technology cuts bandwidth use by streaming different sections of the camera view at different image quality. That way, bandwidth for non-essential areas is reduced, meaning less bandwidth usage overall.

Built-in Edge Analytics in our 5 MP and 9 MP 360-degree cameras

Both resolutions have powerful embedded, intelligent functions, including heat mapping, people counting and Moving Object Removal (MOR).

Heat Mapping

Heat map analysis offers a visualization of the footfall within the camera’s field of view. Users can make operational decisions by analysing hot spots and visitor behaviour, therefore having the ability of staffing accordingly, for example, leading to more business intelligence and higher efficiency.

People Counting

People counting is ideal for various environments, including retail, schools, banks, recreation facilities, museums, airports and other places that require intelligent customer and operational insight. The WV-SAE303 Extension Software, compatible with the WV-S4150, provides extensive data analysis, allowing you to gain insight on the numbers of visitors per day and to identify the busiest and key areas or exhibits, enhancing the overall customer experience.

People Masking

The MOR (Moving Object Removal) function masks moving objects and to also conceal static areas that you feel should remain confidential. MOR is an adaptable, flexible and easy to use function that can be deactivated at your leisure. This is particularly useful with the GDPR regulations coming into effect next month.

Want to learn more about the 360 degree cameras?

This video shows live examples of how the new 360 degree cameras and technologies can be used to increase efficiency and ensure safe operations. See live footage of the cameras in use!

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