Security Solutions
NEW: Multi Sensor Camera
Ideal for traffic control at intersections: the new 33MP multi sensor camera

The latest addition to our city surveillance CCTV lineup, the i-PRO Extreme H.265 quad multi sensor camera is equipped with four repositionable lenses each with 4K (or FullHD) image sensors, offering sharp and clear images of fast moving objects like vehicles. This camera delievers 4K (3840x2160) at 15fps or Full HD at 30fps pictures, is equipped with iA (intelligent Auto) and ClearSight Coating – making it suitable for capturing evidential grade images even under the most challenging of conditions, such as use in city surveillance and traffic applications, monitoring wide areas like parking lots, perimeters of building, intersections, airports, station concourses and many more.

Smart Coding Technology
4K Intelligent Compression for City Surveillance

With Panasonic’s smart bandwidth management and state of the art compression technology you can keep a high image quality whilst maintaining the current infrastructure bandwidth.

H.265 smart coding reduces bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 95%, and is a perfect way to control total cost of ownership when using our quad 4K multi sensor camera, or any other model.

Cyber Security Protection
Have you considered the true cost of an unsecured surveillance system?

There are many potential threats to IP video surveillance systems in city surveillance, such as ransomware, malware, snooping (stealing passwords), alteration of data, and spoofing (false data). For operators of surveillance systems, enlisting secure protection to mitigate these threats is essential.
Panasonic is taking a proactive four step approach to protect IP surveillance systems against cyber attacks, and providing full peace of mind when it comes to GDPR liability.

<< Watch the video >> or << read the brochure >> to learn more.

Clearsight Coating Technology
Self-cleaning functionality to weatherproof your view

Our hydrophilic ClearSight Coating prevents water droplets from covering the dome of security cameras to ensure that the camera view remains unobstructed. In addition to this, the self-purification effect of hydrophilic materials can eliminate dirt and dust collected on the dome cover. This makes the technology a perfect match for city surveillance: with cameras being installed in very remote and difficult to reach places, the coating saves a lot of money due to less maintenance costs.

ClearSight Coating is included as standard feature in many of our outdoor range cameras and can optionally be added through special covers to the latest 5MP cameras WV-S1550 and WV-S2550.

Case Study City Surveillance
Residents feel safe and North Lanarkshire saves costs

The winter period can be a challenge for any technology. For CCTV systems, which are expected to provide the clear surveillance footage and keep our streets safe, it can be especially difficult due to condensation and water spots and challenging weather conditions.

Thanks to our maintenance busting range of CCTV cameras equipped with ClearSight Coating and dehumidification technology to ensure full visibility, North Lanarkshire could save around 50,000 pounds, and additionally its residents feel a lot safer.