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  • Panasonic @ security essen 2016, LEADING THE WAY IN INTELLIGENT SECURITY

Panasonic @ security essen 2016


Not all security systems are created equal. We are actively embedding next-generation, smarter technology into all our security products to exceed the operational and commercial demands of today and tomorrow. Look to the future. Discover Panasonic security solutions for a smarter and safer business.


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At security essen 2016 we will present our extremely intelligent security solutions. Join us and learn more about the following to help overcome your day to day challenges:

Is your data carrying too much weight?

Witness our unique data compression technology called Smart Coding, allowing for extreme bandwidth and storage capacity, reduction by up to 75% – for the first time ever Smart Coding is going to be showcased in combination with the H.264 and the new H.265 codec. As part of our brand-new iPro Extreme series, this technology is going to revolutionize the way of data compression and storage management.

Are your security camera systems really secure?

The Panasonic Secure SurveillanceTechnology  offers extreme data security for CCTV Solutions with our third party encryption to protect against various forms of hacking attacks. Also being a part of the iPro Extreme series, our latest approach cyber security has now been carried forward and expanded towards a complete end-to-end cyber security including recorder and software.

iPro Extreme - extreme performance under extreme conditions 

The new iPro Extreme platform from Panasonic, being introduced at Security Essen will completely change the approach towards security systems and is targeted at high-demanding customers. Besides extremely high visibility, data compression and data security, the H.265 codec will be accompanied by an extremely efficient whole eco system including recorders and software which will revolutionize the understanding of intelligent and interconnected security solutions.

Does your security camera go to extremes?

Come and see our newest and most innovative camera, the Aero PTZ which will be launched exclusively at Security Essen. This tough outdoor PTZ model is a high end product specifically designed for the harsh requirements in environments being exposed to snow, heavy wind, rain, storms, sand or salt.

Are your surveillance images on the right side of the law?

The Panasonic People Masking Technology gives the ability to secure peoples’ privacy in areas like retail stores, production sites, logistics or any other public surroundings. In case of any suspicious event, the masking filter can be removed and the clear evidence can be watched unmasked. This technology is also addressing and compliant to the new EU law for Federal Data Protection.

Can your surveillance system increase your Sales?

Our Face Recognition Technology is a very effective tool to not only secure your belongings, but also to gain magnificent insight into your customers’ behaviour and structure. Our systems, combined with the corresponding cameras, allow people counting, gender recognition and various other intelligent functions like heat mapping.

Do you need a wireless, easy to install video intercom system with rich functions?

Our series of Video Intercom systems include wireless handset or smart phone solutions for single houses, large apartment complexes, home offices and small to medium businesses which are flexible to combine, easy to install and rich of sophisticated features.

Our experts are very much looking forward to answering the crucial questions in the modern security surrounding for any markets like logistics, retail, city surveillance and many other topics.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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