Panasonic unveils world’s first quad 4K multi sensor camera

Panasonic Business has unveiled the world’s first quad 4K security camera at IFSEC 2018, promising 33MP image resolution.

The i-Pro EXTREME Multi-Sensor cameras have four repositionable lenses each with 4K image sensors, offering sharp and clear images of fast moving vehicles.

The cameras are available in both Full HD at 30fps and 4K (3840x2160) at 15fps and are equipped with iA (intelligent Auto) and ClearSight Coating – making them suitable for capturing evidential grade images even under the most challenging of conditions, such as use in city surveillance and traffic applications.

Thanks to H.265 compression, alongside smart coding and self-learning ROI (Region of Interest) technology, the cameras promise Extreme image performance whilst minimising the network requirements.

“When combined with smart coding and H.265 compression we are able to deliver a lower bit rate from the four cameras than a standard 4K camera at H.264,” said Gerard Figols, European Category Manager at Panasonic Security Solutions. “What’s more, the four repositionable lenses minimise blind spots and allow the cameras to adjust to various shaped intersections and monitoring areas found in city centres. This is a game changer for the transition to 4K in security.”

The Panasonic Multi Sensor Camera is available from July 2018.

For more information on Panasonic Security Solutions visit Stand No: F608 at IFSEC 2018 (19th – 21st June), or visit