Panasonic sharpens 360 degree security range

Panasonic is set to launch two new series of 360 degree cameras promising the delivery of sharp imaging and high sensitivity, and engineered for evidence capturing under challenging conditions.

The latest additions to Panasonic’s i-PRO Extreme range have the ability to reduce data volume whilst maintaining high video quality. Supported by beyond H.265 compression with new Smart Coding Technology, they’re ideal for retail, banking, city surveillance and logistics operations. Panasonic has also engineered a model within the series, designed to fulfil the necessary requirements for on-board applications, such as those in trains and busses. 

Available in 5MP and 9MP resolutions, the 360-degree network cameras can produce clear and low-distortion video images.

The 9MP cameras are available for indoor (WV-X4171) and outdoor (WV-X4571L) use. The new 5MP series’ are also available for indoor (WV-S4150) and outdoor (WV-S4550L) use, with both resolutions complete with powerful intelligent functions, including heat mapping, people counting and Moving Object Removal (MOR).

Heat mapping enables the analysis of high-traffic and long-stay zones, offering a visualisation of the footfall within the cameras wide field of view - ideal for business intelligence and making efficiency improvements, particularly in retail and banking. 

The WV-S4550L and WV-X4571L are designed for high durability in extreme conditions, with a dehumidification device, and salt resistant screws, making them suitable for severe environments such as those with fluctuating temperatures, high humidity levels and sudden vibrations.

The outside models also generate mono images at night or in the dark, so you can continue to acquire the necessary information, even in zero lux environments, thanks to Panasonic’s smart IR-LED technology. Additionally, the WV-X4571L features ABF (auto back focus), to optimise the back focus for clear, sharp images.

“These two new models which combine 5MP or 9MP resolution with the latest smart coding technology, have the capability to significantly reduce storage and network bandwidth, meaning the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is industry leading,” says Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Security.

“What’s more, like the rest of our i-PRO Extreme range, we combine highly reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with our own in-house embedded cryptography technology to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer.”

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