Panasonic expands extreme surveillance camera range for coastal operation

Panasonic has extended its extreme surveillance range, with the launch of two H.265 cameras with salt-air corrosion resistant bodies - designed for applications at sea and on ports, piers and bridges.

Resistant to both erosion and salt corrosion, the i-PRO extreme cameras meet ISO14993 compliance requirements, thanks to corrosion-resistant coatings and screws.

Expanding from vertical city surveillance towards coastal operations, the new PTZ Dome Camera (WV-X6531NS) and Bullet Camera (WV-S1531LNS), alongside their salt-air corrosion protection, come equipped with smart algorithms, reducing the bandwidth and storage required for processing surveillance footage, by up to 75% beyond H.264. Moreover, they provide intelligent analytics, providing end users with the ability to observe objects over a long distance, even in challenging conditions.

In addition, built-in vandal-resistance, rain wash coating and dehumidification  helps improve reliability, significantly increasing the operational availability of outdoor cameras, particularly in humid surroundings.

Together with the two new models, Panasonic have launched erosion and salt corrosion resistant  mounting brackets which also meet the ISO standard.

“These two new models have the same features and benefits as the standard models, but thanks to the corrosion resistance, allows those operating at sea or on the shore access, delivering high quality surveillance footage for a longer period of time, whatever the weather,” says Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic Security.

The cameras compliment the industries well-known Aero PTZ, offering a complete line-up for all harsh and extreme environments.

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