• EBL128

    Intelligent system for fire protection
    Stand alone loop system
    Up to 255 devices

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System Key Features

  • Service signal is automatically emitted when the detector is contaminated.
  • Large number of fire detection algorithms is supported by the system and can be set to each Analog detector.
  • Alert annunciation. The output for the alarm transmitter can be delayed for immediate on site investigation of an alarm.
  • Disablements. Zones, programmable outputs and outputs for the alarm transmitter can be individually disabled.
  • User programmable outputs.
  • Up to 8 display units
  • Can be connected to WEB-server for remote access and/or one-way communcation to external system.

EBL128 is an Analog addressable fire alarm system but can also be used with conventional detectors. The CIE can communicate with up to 128 input and/or output units on a single loop. The loop is used for connecting detectors, manual call points, and general inputs and outputs for freely programmable customer specific functions. EBL128 fulfils the EN54 standards: EN54 part 2 (control and indicating equipment) and EN54 part 4 (power supply).

Each Analog detector in the system is individually set so that it adapts to the surrounding environment. The sensitivity of each Analog detector is constant in spite of the individual contamination or background particle level. Every long term change is distinguished from short time variations of a smouldering fire. The self-diagnosis function detects every deviation from the accurate normal condition in the electronic circuits and in the detection chamber. A family of state of the art Analog detectors gives the system accurate and noise free information about smoke and heat levels in the installation. For more information on this product, please access the brochure through the 'Brochures' tab at the top of this page. 

Fire Alarm System overview/example
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The EBL128 control panel is a reliable control and indicating unite for a smaller stand alone loop system which can connect up to 255 devices.

A large variety of units can be connected to the detector loop:

  • Analog detectors
  • Conventional detectors
  • Addressable manual call points
  • Addressable short circuit isolators
  • Monitored addressable output units
  • Addressable output units
  • Addressable sounders and sirens