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Facial Recognition Technology


  • Gain greater insight into customer types and behaviour than ever before.
  • Shape your operations with the analytical capabilities of Panasonic’s surveillance camera and the IP-based facial recognition technology.
  • Create more comfortable, secure and productive visitor experiences through people counting and heat mapping.
  • Minimise risks and prevent unwanted access throughout your premises. 

Panasonic's face recognition server, WV-ASF950, offers the possibility to run facial recognition in an IP Security System.
Due to the implemented Panasonic technology in both the cameras and server, it is possible to have accurate information on who is accessing your dependencies. In addition, you can receive information for marketing analysis such as people counting, age information and gender evaluation.*

Case Study

Since October 18, 2017, three units of Panasonic's facial recognition gate have been put into operation at Tokyo International Airport's immigration control. Without the need for prior registration of biometric data, the system compares photographic data of the traveler's face in the IC chip embedded in the person's passport with a photo taken at the facial recognition gate to verify the identity.

Reference:Panasonic's Facial Recognition Gate Selected by Ministry of Justice

How does it work?

The facial recognition software runs silently in your system, collecting data on each face that it detects; this data is then stored within an easily accessible database. 

A user will then be able to access this database, and will be given the option to select a particular face. With this functionality, the user can choose to set an alarm to be sounded upon future detection of this subject, or simply track a particular person's movements in chronological order throughout all of the cameras in the system. 

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One of the major advantages of the Facial Recognition Solution is the level of control it gives you from a central point of management.

Thanks to the direct connection between camera and server, you can control and gather insight from up to 20 remote cameras from one server, at the same time. With face matching and visual analysis carried out by the system in real time, your operator can easily access any recorded images related to that face or customer, via the GUI in their monitoring software.

The software also features an analytics section. In this area, a user is given the ability to analyse statistics such as people counting, and also allows them to detect age and gender. The system will then display the relevant information in an accessible manner.  panasonic, face matching, security camera,


The processes involved with the use of the software can be seen in the image below.

panasonic, face matching, facial recognition, security camera

* In April 2017, the product achieved the highest level of facial recognition performance in the world in a comparison test (IJB-A Face Verification Challenge Performance Report/IJB -A Face Identification Challenge Performance Report) of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of the United States, one of the most authoritative institutes in the world.