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  • Video intercom reaches new heights

Video intercom reaches new heights

Panasonic video intercom products improve security and convenience for multi-room developments of all sizes.

The convenience and security offered by modern video intercom systems has increased rapidly in recent years.

Panasonic has a wealth of experience within the video door entry marketplace creativity crafting video door entry systems that look and feel great as well as performing to the highest of expectations. The Panasonic blend of carefully blended technology and ergonomics has brought style, sophistication and reliability to the single door security marketplace, with both the VL-SWD501 and VL-SVN511 products market leading over the competition in the competitive South East-Asian marketplace.

Panasonic is now set to take the European market place by storm with a range of multi-apartment door entry products that employ the same purity in design and cost effectiveness. These CE/EU registered range of multi-door, multi apartment products are now available in the UK/EU marketplace, starting with the VL-V900 multi-door station and the VL-MVN511 wireless multi-apartment monitor.

Much requested by system installers and maintainers alike, this system offers a simple and extremely reliable two wire cabling infrastructure to connect up the products behind the scenes but enables the latest smartphone free app connectivity client side to view visitors and permit entry.

The Panasonic multi-door system also includes for the concierge with PBX, CCTV camera, TV Monitor and access control integration. In total up to 18 lobby stations can be connected with as many as 560 apartment monitors. Lifts can also be included with 3 lifts servicing 100 levels included within this products design capability.

This proven multi apartment video intercom technology has already seen widespread adoption in South East Asia, with a large number of successful installations, across facilities as varied as hotels, student flats, apartment complexes, offices, business premises and housing developments, both new and renovated.


Troika Apartments, Kuala Lumpur

The Troika is one of the most prestigious and preferred addresses in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The development is listed in the top 10 of the most expensive and luxurious condominiums in the country, boasting a gross development value of RM650 Million. The building’s management recently faced the prospect of updating the building's unreliable video intercom system without causing major disruption to residents.

Local installer Occhio Tec Sdn Bhd partnered with Panasonic to provide Troika stakeholders with a strong value proposition and great pre and post sales customer service.  Reliability was the number one priority, with cost effectiveness and minimising disruption to some of the most high profile tenants in Malaysia also high on the agenda.

It was clear listening to these concerns that it was essential that a simpler design was found that was cost effective to install, easier to maintain and reliable, but yet did not restrict access to new features such as missed visitor email notification and smartphone door control integration.

Fortunately Panasonic's VL-V900 multi-door and VL-MVN511 wireless video intercom system provided a great shoe in solution. Firstly the existing cable from the previous system could be re-used. The Panasonic philosophy for this product of “2 wire on the inside, wireless on the outside” made retrofitting extremely easy to carry out with little additional alteration, polarisation concerns or new cabling work required.  

All 200 residents were provided with a slim fit stylish apartment monitor station and access to a free iOS/Android app to conveniently converse and permit visitor entry from the simplicity of their smart phones. Finally the VL-V900 multi-door and VL-MVN511 wireless video intercom system’s M2M (Machine to Machine) feature meant it could seamlessly connect to the Panasonic KX-NS700 PBX system, which also took care of the local concierge facilities without any additional interfacing.


One Menerung, Malaysia

One Menerung is an exquisite development in an exclusive district close to the bustling town of Bunsar. The 229-room development recently updated to the Panasonic Panasonic's VL-V900 multi-door and VL-MVN511 wireless video intercom system.

On top of the simple approach to installation and smartphone wireless features, the residents also benefited from Panasonic’s M2M connectivity. This time the video intercom system could be connected to their existing CCTV system, giving residents not only great security awareness but the ability to check the availability of the building's facilities from the convenience of their apartment monitor station or smartphone.

Building management were not only pleased with the tenant’s response to the installation, but were also reassured by Panasonic’s overall value proposition, quoting both the 3 year product warranty and 4 year spare parts after-service as important factors.


Golden Hill, Myanmar

Golden Hill is an executive 210-room dual-tower development located in the prime elevated land of Yangon, affording spectacular views of the city of Shwedegon Pagoda. Initially equipped with an audio-only Fermax-based intercom, building management looked to Panasonic’s VL-V900 multi-door and VL-MVN511 wireless video intercom system to satisfy tenants’ demands for more features, greater flexibility and the additional peace of mind provided by video entry.

Although the existing Fermax system lobby stations had cameras, their room monitors were unable to support the building management’s need to provide video pictures throughout the apartment system.

In addition the design at the Golden Hill Tower was further complicated with a 3rd party access control provider, who was responsible for all the electric locks and door access. Fortunately Panasonic’s VL-V900 multi-door and VL-MVN511 wireless video intercom systems could provide the solution.

Firstly the 2 wire on the inside and wireless on the outside philosophy enabled video and audio to be carried by the existing cable medium, minimising cost and disruption. Secondly the M2M flexibility designed into Panasonic’s VL-V900 multi-door product allowed for the simplest of integration and a clear demarcation point between the new Video intercom and the existing Access Control System


The Lux Villa complex, Thailand

The 25-house Lux Villa complex in Rayon, Thailand needed a system that would integrate with their existing Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX phone system alongside their analogue CCTV system. After careful evaluation a Panasonic VL-V900 lobby station was installed alongside 25 Panasonic VL-SW251BX apartment monitors.

Building management was won over with the wireless capability of the apartment monitor station handsets alongside the easy integration with existing phone and CCTV that the Panasonic VL-V900 system provided.

Ye Un-Lee, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said "We're really pleased to see our intercom systems are bringing much improved usability and peace of mind to the residents of these developments, and we're looking forward to bringing the same clear benefits of Panasonic intercom to buildings of all sizes across Europe."

"Everyone should feel safe at home and with our advanced smartphone integration options and wireless capability, alongside our 3 year warranty and 5-year parts support, Panasonic is a smart choice."