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The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. The former refers to it as a measured phenomenon – the passage of the years, seasons and days. The latter denotes the sense of the moment – the individual’s experience here and now. Chronos is heavy and predictable, while kairos is immediate, personal and very valuable. When someone talks about ‘seizing the moment’, kairos is the moment they’re talking about. Panasonic’s history has long been one of top developers and engineers working in the company’s Japan-based labs.


Panasonic technology sits at the centre of so much broadcast infrastructure, the company has dedicated team members, whose job it is to help customers get the most out of their transition. One of these is Jaume Miró, who heads up the project management team at Panasonic.


Delivering immersive video communication with 4K high-quality video, smooth vertical and horizontal movement of the new proprietary “direct drive” motor, and up to 24x optical zoom.


Bracknell, UK. 6th October 2021 – Panasonic has announced a partnership with MARK ROBERTS MOTION CONTROL LTD (“MRMC”), to offer an exclusive version of its Polymotion Chat Pro software for automated control of Panasonic integrated PTZ cameras, PTZ heads and Box cameras. Available from this month, Polymotion Chat Pro Panasonic Edition is an easily deployable software solution that allows an operator to automate tracking and filming from up to three cameras from a single PC.