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Putting engaging learning on the record at Huddersfield

Huddersfield University has installed Panasonic remote cameras and laser projectors as part of a major, campus-wide AV refresh.


Panasonic worked with installer Roche AV and distributor Holdan, to deliver a complete lecture capture solution for the West Yorkshire university, with the aim of giving students the opportunity to learn in their own time.

The AW-HE2 became the camera of choice for the upgrade, working alongside the 3,000 lumen Panasonic PT-RZ370 projector and Panopto lecture capture software. A new Extron control system removed the requirement for remotes.


“The majority of the cameras are affixed directly into the ceiling, but there are some areas of the University where we’ve had some difficulty getting the cameras in," said David Evans, Technical Support Account Manager at Roche AV. “The zoom facility on the cameras then gives us the capability to fine tune the image to get the extra view required, even if the camera is mounted in a difficult position."

Roche AV’s involvement throughout the duration of the project, from the initial idea phase right up to the implementation and continuous monitoring stages, was crucial to the overall success of the installation.

This large project saw 112 cameras installed across the University, alongside 37 projectors. The success of these installations has resulted in the University being able to offer an alternative educational route for students, who now have the ability to watch and listen to a lecture multiple times online.

The HE2 is a small and flexible HD integrated camera which includes professional features like the tally, pre-sets, and integrated stereo microphone, providing simple operation.

“It’s a camera that fits into a really nice little niche. It’s not expensive, nor is it a CCTV or consumer camera either, which means it gives excellent image quality and a lot of versatility,” explained Jon Hubery, AV Sales Manager at Panasonic distributor Holdan.

The camera is combined with SOLID SHINE laser projection technology which will help reduce maintenance costs for the University. The PT-RZ370 is designed for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, with a level of colour and brightness surpassing conventional lamp-based projectors.

“The recording is loaded to the module that the class is scheduled for – it all ties into the timetabling system,” explains Julie Berry, one of the Universities IT Support Officers. “This is automatically uploaded and then the staff member has two days to edit anything. They edit through Panopto, which is a really quick and effective editing tool.”

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