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Multi camera streaming hits the right note at RCS

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has integrated Panasonic remote camera technology as part of a major AV development, allowing them to film, record and live stream performances.

Panasonic worked with Duet Media, a specialist music services company to design and install a multi camera streaming system into two of their main performance spaces, with the aim of being able to reach a wider audience for their performances.

The installed system is based around Panasonic’s AW-UE70 camera and the AW-HEA10 camera assist unit. With iPad control of the system, the installation met the Conservatoire’s main aim, usability for untrained users, reducing the need for dedicated staff and extensive training.

“It is the ease of use which drew me towards Panasonic systems. In each venue, we have three permanently fixed cameras (UE70’s), one in the centre at the back, and one on each side of the auditorium. We then have a fourth camera mounted on a tripod to be positioned on the stage, making it versatile, dependant on how the stage is being used at that time,” says Paul Barton Hodges, Managing Director at Duet Media Technologies.

While Duet Media had used a number of Panasonic PTZ cameras previously, this was the first occasion that they had coupled them with the HEA10 camera assist unit.

“Having seen a similar system in use at the Royal College of Music, the management and the artists were keen to not emulate, but go along similar lines. It was the whole integration, along with the hardware controllers that control the position of the cameras, which really works,” explains Paul Barton Hodges.

The AW-UE70 is a 4K Remote Camera with an excellent zoom range and exceptional pan-tilt performance, delivering 3840 x 2160 resolution at 25p via HDMI, and is capable of 4K IP streaming and in-camera 4K recording.  

“The true innovation of the system has been the capability to operate the entire system from iPads, freeing up the operator to actually sit in the audience to experience the concert, as well as controlling the cameras and live recordings,” explains Professor Aaron Shorr, Head of Keyboard at the RCS. “This aspect of the installation is unique and allows true, one person operation, either from the hardware or from iPads inside the hall. Thank you Panasonic! This is the system that I long dreamed of for our Conservatoire.”

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