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Investing for the future with the VariCam LT

Bournemouth has become the first university in the UK to invest in VariCam cameras to teach the next generation of cinematographers and animators.

Bournemouth University, recognised as the best place in the UK to study computer animation and visual effects, having won a Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2011 for ‘World class’ teaching, has increased its investment in resources and studio spaces significantly in recent years. This has allowed them to become the first UK based University to invest in the VariCam LT, having purchased three units through distributor Holdan.

"We conducted some preliminary testing before the VariCam had been launched in the UK, and were considering comparable cameras. It was when we went to BVE where we saw it exhibited for the first time," said Rehan Zia, who lectures in Computer Animation.

The VariCam LT has the ability to shoot in both 4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD (3840 x 2160), featuring high sensitivity, low noise, wider dynamic range and a cinematic depth of field. Equipped with a 35mm single-ship MOS sensor, the VariCam ‘look’ is created, ensuring accurate image rendering over the entire image, from dark areas to highlights.

Throughout the University, the VariCam was initially used in workshops sessions. This allowed students to work in a wide array of setups, including track, jib, dolly as well as working with cameras handheld. Its compact size and design enabled it to facilitate a wide array of shooting styles including the comfortable ergonomic shoulder mounted operation.

"They've picked it up quite quickly, this was a concern because we only received the cameras two weeks before the students started using them," said Steve Hubbard, Senior Lecturer in Effects.

"The feedback I have received so far is that they have really enjoyed using the Varicam and actually found it quite straightforward to use, which is obviously very pleasing to hear,” explains Neil Goridge, who lectures on Bournemouth's MA Digital Effects course. “The footage I have seen is very good and potentially gives them lots of options in post-production, which is key to Animation and Digital Effects courses"

The VariCams 4K ability was highlighted to the University as something they considered very important, as they were looking to futureproof their investment. Alongside the must have high frame rate capability, the VariCam LT became the camera of choice.

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