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Magnum, a supplier of audiovisual technology solutions for over 30 years, has set up a host of live streaming solutions for various applications.

We chose UE150 PTZ cameras for their versatility, their features and the tracking function and FreeD protocol. The large sensor enables high sensitivity shooting with low noise, and 4K video output guarantees high resolution and a wide field of view which are in high demand among our customers.

José Jorge, technical director at Magnum

Client – Magnum
Location – Gonesse, Île-de-France

Offering complete technical equipment and different configurations to meet the customers’ various needs.


Opting for UE150 cameras that support video production in different environments thanks to a number of features, including simultaneous 4K/HD operation and its various 4K interfaces which allow for more versatility in production systems, or compatibility with FreeD.

Following the decisions made by the French government and the new safety guidelines, Magnum, a supplier of audiovisual technology solutions, is now offering live streaming solutions. Magnum have set up a wide choice of studios aimed to meet the needs and requirements of any user and budget.

The company has a total of seven studios in Paris, both in the city centre (1st, 2nd, 8th, 16th and 19th arrondissements) and in the suburbs (Aubervilliers). The studios make up a total space of 800sqm, and feature all the equipment and technology required for different shoots, including live product presentations, online training or conferences.

Magnum have opted to install the 4K-capable AW-UE150 PTZ camera in its studios, as they believed that the feature set was best suited to fulfil the requirements that come with the various applications in which they support.

“We have developed an augmented and virtual reality studio for our customers. Integrated in our 3D imagery servers using Unreal and Modulo Pi’s Kinetic, the AW-UE150 camera featuring the FreeD protocol enables tracking of all the camera’s mobile elements,” explains José Jorge, technical director at Magnum.

"The wide field of view of 75.1 degrees, and an optical zoom of 20x makes it a perfect option for studio operation", José added.

Magnum also uses the AW-RP150 remote camera controller, which includes a large touch-panel LCD screen for monitoring and menu setting, and a one-hand operation joystick.