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The teaser for the film, starring Francesc Garrido, Cristina Plazas, Nacho Fresneda and Greta Fernández was presented at the Málaga Festiva and will reach Spanish screens later in the year.

“We chose the EVA1 due to its compact size and low weight, which enabled us to achieve realistic, high quality images without complicating filming”.

Nakamura Films Producer Jordi Llorca

Client – Nakamura Films
Location – Valencia, Spain
Products Supplied – AU-EVA1

How do we achieve cinematography of great realism?


By using the EVA1, whose new Super 35 mm, 5.7K sensor allows for offering outstanding quality images. The growing chromatic information translates into images that are more precise and of better quality.

Nakamura Films’ feature-length production, “Asamblea” is directed by Álex Montoya and stars Francesc Garrido, Cristina Plazas, Nacho Fresneda and Greta Fernández.

The social comedy, portrays the story of a group of people brought together by a common objective. They attempt to reach an agreement while also struggling with their capacity for organisation. United while separated. Equal yet different. It uses comedy to question topical concepts such as democracy and citizen collaboration.

Shot in both Castilian and Valencian Spanish, the film also stars actors Jordi Aguilar, Sergio Caballero, Lorena López, María Juan, Marta Belenguer, Jorge Silvestre, Juan Mandli, Irene Anula Hwidar Abdelatif and Pablo Sánchez.

The director Álex Montoya, is a self-taught filmmaker whose short films have been presented at hundreds of national and international festivals and have earned him more than 180 awards.

Paticular reference must go to his Goya nomination for the short film “Lucas”, and

the special mention received at Sundance 2010 for “Cómo conocí a tu padre”. Films like the ones mentioned, as well as others like “Marina” or “Maquillaje” have obtained prizes at important Spanish festivals such as Gijón, San Sebastián, Málaga, Versión española, Alcine, Cinema Jove, MECAL, Medina del Campo, Aguilar de Campo, Cortogenia, Badajoz, FIBABC, PNR and Abycine.

Ultra-realistic cinematography

As one of the best cinematographic cameras on the market, the Panasonic AU-EVA1, was chosen mainly on account of its features and image quality. 

“We chose the EVA1 because of its compact size and low weight to allow for achieving realistic, high quality images without causing complications during filming,” explains Nakamura Films producer Jordi Llorca.

According to Panasonic Marketing’s José Luis Carrasco, “The camera features dual native 800 and 2500 ISOs varies between 200 and 25.600. The EVA1 weighs just 1.2kg, which makes it ideal for tripod-free takes and therefore perfect for the shooting circumstances in ‘Asamblea.’”