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Panasonic’s equipment brings us closer to Galician citizens and allows us to provide excellent coverage of parliamentary life, thus responding to our priorities and promoting Governance 2.0.

Pedro Vila, Parliament of Galicia IT Department

Client – Parliament of Galicia
Location – Santiago de Compostela - Spain

To guarantee the public service of informing and preserving everything that happens in parliament and to make a qualitative leap in the quality of its audiovisual production.


The audiovisual team of the Parliament of Galicia required a renovation of its reception, management and distribution system as well as it's network infrastructure.

By supplying the technological equipment necessary for the development of the Parliament of Galicia’s activity, Panasonic places it at the service of Galician citizens. 

Together with AV Solutions, a leader in the development of innovative technologies, Panasonic is contributing to the technological upgrade of the Parliament of Galicia with it's Broadcast & ProAV solutions. The Parliament of Galicia has installed a network of cameras within the institution’s facilities with the dual aim of modernising and improving operability and functionality. The new equipment has brought a technological renovation that has adapted the broadcasting and capturing format to a more up-to-date version that can be reproduced on different types of devices.

Public institutions must guarantee citizens’ access to telematic monitoring of their activities. Therefore, in order to offer the best possible service, the Parliament of Galicia has upgraded it's equipment with Panasonic’s state-of-the-art technology. The project was awarded via public tender to Spica, a company with extensive experience in the audiovisual sector, which proposed Panasonic’s technological solutions. According to Panasonic’s Paulo C. Morete: “Panasonic is committed to offering the very best broadcasting technology solutions in every case."

Panasonic’s AW-UE150 and AW-UE70 4K PTZ cameras and the AW-HE130 HD PTZ cameras have responded to the need to renew the video system in the plenary and committee rooms. In addition to AW-RP60 controllers and AV-UHS500 mixer, a 4k switcher was added for live events. The inclusion of these audio-visual technological solutions will improve the coverage of the proceedings in the Hemicycle and in the Parliament of Galicia committee rooms. “The new Panasonic equipment brings us closer to Galician citizens and allows us to provide excellent coverage of parliamentary life, thus responding to our priorities and promoting Governance 2.0”, adds Pedro Vila, from the Parliament of Galicia’s IT department.

The Parliament of Galicia and Spica have proposed an ambitious integration. Far from being satisfied with the currently consolidated standards, the aim was to come up with a solution that looks directly to the future. Whether it is the complete renovation of the control room, the upgrading of cameras, the installing of discussion and voting systems in the committee rooms, or the upgrading of cameras and infrastructure in both the multi-purpose hall and the plenary, the perspective has always been to go one step further.

The key to its success has been the optimisation of resources by focusing on the automation of processes. The unstoppable advance of technology is constantly allowing for approaches to processes that were widely believed to be established.

The installation was not easy, firstly due to the singularity of the “Pazo do Hórreo” (Santiago de Compostela), the building that has housed the Parliament of Galicia since 1989. With its neoclassical structure and eclectic historicist decoration, the building, which was originally designed to house a veterinary school, presents additional difficulties in meeting modern-day technological requirements, insofar as it is a protected complex whose history spans more than a hundred years.

In addition, the time frame of the project was limited by the period between Parliament sessions, given that it had to be available at all times due to the pandemic, “We are extremely satisfied with the results obtained in terms of the update of the Parliament of Galicia’s audiovisual materials. Through new approaches, we have set out an ambitious integration with technological solutions that lead directly to the future. Thanks to the optimisation of resources and automation of processes, all this progress helps to make all the magic happen with very few people”, concludes Guillermo Alonso, Systems Director at Spica.