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As part of revitalisation efforts in the wider context of changes being made to LCI (The Info Channel), the TF1 group launched the "LCI 2016" project at the beginning of 2015 in order to create a new set. It was at that time that Lionel Barbier approached AR+ to find out about all the different solutions offered by the ARCAM system.

In order to present the ARCAM system to all of the directors, camera operators and managers, a week-long demo of the product was carried out in December 2015 on the old LCI set. The ergonomics and flexibility of the system immediately grabbed the attention of all the different teams.

The challenge: from research to development

As the trial had been conclusive, in March 2016 LCI's technical team threw down the gauntlet to AR+ and challenged them to develop a single system able to manage all the cameras present on the future set. LCI wanted to simplify both its control room work and the work of the camera operators as much as possible by centralising the control of all its robotic camera systems. The goal was to control the ARCAM system on a dolly and 13 Panasonic HE130 PTZ cameras with one set of software and one single remote.


Led by its Technical Director, Nicolas Rolland, the AR+ team accepted the new challenge and, thanks to its responsiveness and the fact that it listened to feedback from users, the French start-up was the only company able to come up with a solution in the allocated timeframe.

Users firmly at the centre of AR+'s focus

In order to place the end users at the heart of its software development work, AR+ worked together with the future camera operators. The aim was to adapt the control interface to meet their expectations. The simplification and versatility of the workstation meant that camera operators could work comfortably and conveniently day in, day out.

In order to allow LCI to gain some floorspace on set, AR+ suggested fixing the dolly developed by the start-up to the ceiling during a demonstration conducted in Laval. This system configuration also gave them much greater freedom of movement, and all without any need to worry about lighting being obstructed.

Mission accomplished

In June 2016, the system became operational and Quentin Mayet, Head of Training at AR+, visited LCI for a week of training with the camera operators and maintenance technicians.

On 29 August 2016, the new set went live on air.

The HE130 camera is perfect for TV sets…

The new LCI set is equipped with 13 Panasonic PTZ cameras (AW-HE130) and 13 Panasonic remote operation panels (AK-HRP200) connected and managed via the IP network. The HE130 PTZ cameras are controlled by an operator via the ARCAM system, whilst a vision engineer ensures consistency, in terms of colorimetrics and exposure, across all the cameras installed on set thanks to the remote operation panels just as the engineer would do for traditional set cameras.

A project that could lead to others…

As AR+ is working on new software which is even more powerful and collaborative than the version currently being used by LCI, LCI will be equipped with the new software as soon as it is launched in 2017.

The work of AR+'s technical team really impressed this large French group and another project is under way for the installation of an ARCAM system on the TV news set of France's major national channel, TF1.