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The first Robotics System with tracks for high quality PTZ cameras. Cost-effective solution for studio with live broadcast-style movements using floor dolly with Panasonic PRO PTZ remote cameras.

We have chosen Panasonic PRO PTZ camera in conjunction with the Tuning Rail System, thanks to which we can create our live production in amazing video quality with camera motion at a much lower price than other solutions available on the market,

says Sladan Pesic, Chief Engineer, Pink Media Group

Client – Pink Media Group
Location – Belgrade, Serbia
Products Supplied – AW-UE150, AK-UC4000

When designing a new special effects studio, it was necessary to use a dolly camera. We needed to find a robotic camera system with a suitable camera that would fit the existing studio camera Panasonic AK-UC4000 and at the same time have a sufficient zoom range for demanding recording in such a large studio


The best solution was PTZ camera Panasonic AW-UE150 and a tuning trolley with a column, which were the right answer to our requirements. Both, the camera itself and the column tuning trolley, have the tracking system that is necessary to work on a virtual set.

One of the largest production companies

TV Pink (Televizija Pink) is a popular, privately owned national TV network in Serbia and it is the leading commercial station in the Serbian television broadcast market: https://www.pink.rs/.

Company headquarter is in Belgrade, Serbia. Apart from four studios in Belgrade, there are 8 large TV and several film studios in Šimanovci city. TV Pink is not only a broadcaster, it is one of the largest production companies with wide portfolio containing news, high profile music shows, reality shows, TV series and movies.

Cost effective solution for broadcast quality movement

The intention of TV Pink's management was to make their programs more attractive and to bring a new level of movement into live production in a broadcast quality in a cost effective way and with possibility to control all cameras at one place by one operator. 

Tuning Rail System with Panasonic PTZ cameras

That is why they have chosen the robotic system workflow with track, dolly and motorized column systems, designed specifically for direct integration with Panasonic PRO PTZ remote robotic cameras.

Key features of Tuning Rail System with PTZ camera solution

  • Allows building a cost-effective studio with live broadcast-style movements, using a combination of floor and ceiling dollies, vertical columns and Panasonic PRO PTZ remote cameras.
  • Robust build, high stability, non-intrusive design and an integrated cable management system make for a safe and sophisticated installation.
  • Create up to 100 different customized shot positions using keyframes across an extended 4-axis plane, incorporating pan, tilt, horizontal and vertical positioning.
  • Direct PRO PTZ remote camera system integration allows for full control of the dolly, column and the camera from a single controller for streamlined operation.
  • High-traction dolly mechanism and synchronized drive-motors eliminate any potential track slip and are in tune with PTZ camera movements for smooth, unique & cinematic on-air movements.

Studio camera AK-UC4000