• Remote Camera with Built-in Network Device Interface (NDI I HX) Support

4K Remote Camera with Built-in Network Device Interface (NDI I HX) Support

4K Remote Camera, and an Excellent HD Remote Camera with NDI Support

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What is NDI?AW-UN70 4K Remote Camera, and an Excellent HD Remote Camera with NDI Support

NDI (Network Digital Interface) technology has been developed by NewTek, it is made available to anyone with a royalty-free license, and has been widely adopted by many broadcast vendors. NDI  is becoming a de facto standard in the live production industry. NDI revolutionizes video production workflow by removing the physical I/O constraints of traditional broadcast infrastructure. Any NDI-enabled device on the network can see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources than ever before to be used for live production.

What is NDI 3.0 and NDI|HX?

NDI 3.0 is the third iteration of the NDI SDK which is improves greatly on an already simple workflow with enhanced encoding performance, multicast support with FEC (Forward Error Correction), standardized PTZ control commands and tally, and the addition of a high efficiency mode, NDI|HX, which allows cameras to enter the NDI world.

What is the specification of NDI|HX?

NDI is designed to run over existing 1 Gigabit networks, allowing easy adoption of the protocol without new infrastructure. This is achieved through the use of video compression with the NDI|HX codec, which delivers 1080 Full HD video at data rates typically around 15Mbps. NDI|HX is a 4:2:0 8-bit codec, based on H.264 compression. It supports 1080p and 720p, at different frame rates. Factory default mode is 1080/25p at 10Mbps. 


Bit rate

1920x1080/50p 8192kbps~24,576kbps
1920x1080/50p/12,5p/25p 1024kbps~14,336kbps
1280x720/50p 3072kbps~14,336kbps
1280x720/50p/12,5p/25p 512kbps~ 8,192kbps

How does NDI 3.0 enhance workflow with Panasonic Cameras?

  • Simplicity: simply connect the camera to the Ethernet network. All NDI capable production devices and switchers on the network can immediately select it as a source. No encoders to configure, no complex network and routing processes are required.  
  • Fully Fledged Production with Ease: with Panasonic’s built-in NDI support, tally is configured with intelligence in case multiple devices are accessing that camera.
  • Built-In NDI: Panasonic’s professional PTZ Camera line-up revolutionised single cable connectivity, it only gets better with NDI support with Power (PoE+), IP based control, ultra-low latency video and audio, and Tally, all transmitted via a single cable. No longer is an external software tool (Connect Pro or AutoLink) with an external computer required.
  • Latency Unleashed: NDI|HX mode allows video transmission with lower bandwidth requirements and ultra-low latency suitable for live video production, allowing more sources on today’s gigabit Ethernet networks.
  • Cost and deployment savings: No longer are SDI video routers and physical I/O limits an issue. Deploy a video production with Panasonic NDI cameras using commercial off-the-shelf gigabit network hardware with PoE+. The network is your router, including power supply!  

AW-UN70 Black 4K Remote Camera, and an Excellent HD Remote Camera with NDI Support Despite its compact size, the AW-UN70 integrated remote camera is able to deliver 4K images with excellent zoom range and exceptional pan-tilt performance. This camera includes a variety of advanced and intelligent features, like in-camera 4K recording or 4K streaming over IP. The AW-UN70 remote camera is ready for the new demands of the industry through ultra HD resolution imagery. 4K images can be obtained in a variety of outputs including HDMI, USB and LAN. Besides its 4K capability, this camera performs extremely well in HD, also supporting 1080/50p format and 3G-SDI output. The camera is available in both black and white to tailor to different environments.

Expanding the capabilities of broadcast camera systems

With such a wealth of features and outputs, the AW-UN70 4K remote camera can be used for such applications as remote video production, live events, signage or video conferencing among many others. This 4K remote camera also supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet), meaning that only one Ethernet cable is required for power supply, control, video and embedded audio. Through the AW-UN70, Panasonic is expanding the capabilities and applications of integrated remote camera systems. 

Excellent 4K images via HDMI, USB and IP, plus HD via 3G-SDI

  • 1/2.3-type MOS sensor
  • Optical zoom 20x, extendable by iA zoom (22x in 4K / 30x in HD)
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that compensates vibration from audio speakers and closing doors
  • High Dynamic Range function (HDR), suitable for backlit condition
  • 4K video via HDMI, USB and LAN (UHD: 3840 x 2160 @25p)
  • HD video via 3G-SDI (up to 1080/50p)
  • External synchronization input, supporting both BB and Tri-level

A Single Cable Solution for Remote Video and Audio Capture

  • Supports PoE+*1 for lower installation costs
  • 4K or Full HD streaming is supported, at different bit-rates up to 50Mbps 
  • Up to four channels of IP streaming in HD (H.264 encoding)
  • Audio input for mic/line (stereo mini jack), with equalizer function
  • Audio embedding and encoding to IP, HDMI, SDI, USB and microSD recording
  • IP control with image monitoring using PC, Mac and mobile terminals
  • Up to 100 cameras can be controlled via IP from a single controller

In camera recording, also in 4K

  • Video and audio can be recorded on an inserted microSD card*2
  • 4K and HD formats are supported, at different bit-rates up to 72Mbps
  • Start/stop recording, clip downloading and FTP transferring can be controlled via IP
  • Freeze During Preset function, enabling one-camera operation
  • ND filter (Auto, Thru, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64)
  • Night Mode makes shooting possible under IR light (supports automatic switching)
  • Supports USB Video/Audio Class, so the camera can be used as high-quality webcam
  • Equipped with RS422 and RS232C (in/out) remote terminals
  • Color variations (pearl white / metallic black) that can be chosen for different applications or conditions 
  • Camera control from iPad when it is used with optional Control Assist Camera AW-HEA10.*3


Please click here for a list of operation manuals to download.

*1. Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet Plus 

*2. MicroSD card is sold separately

*3. An iPad is required (sold separately). The "PTZ Cntrl" app for iPad (free download from* .the App Store) is required