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Just like our solutions, our dedicated utilities microsite delivers the whole package.


From partners to products. From case studies to customisation. From reducing TCO to increasing efficiency. We’ve got it all covered. Right here.

Here at Panasonic Toughbook, we’ve worked closely with the best of the best in utilities for decades, to truly understand the unique challenges you face.


So that we can deliver the perfect rugged and tailored mobile computing solutions for your sector.


Your utilities workers and field staff, now more than ever, need:

  • Instant access to digital information – however remote the location
  • Unquestionable safety guarantees
  • Devices that deliver, no matter what the elements throw at them
  • Connectivity they can count on – even when on the move
  • Long battery life for extended or multiple shifts and the ability to change batteries themselves.

In short, they need superior reliability, seamless flexibility and uncompromising performance.


And that’s exactly what Toughbook and Toughpad deliver.

Which is good news for the utilities sector – which suffers one of the highest device repair requirements of all. In fact, recent IDC research showed that around 15% of all respondents from the utilities sector said that their tablet, notebook and handheld device had required repairs due to physical damage in the last 12 months.


From wireless intelligence and security to productivity-enhancing technology and the ‘connected vehicle’, our durable handhelds and supporting services are helping to drive on-the-go efficiency for the utilities sector in ways never before possible.

Improving response times

Decreasing downtime

Increasing quality of repairs

Delivering first-rate customer service

Driving costs down

Boosting profitability

Explore your dedicated utilities site to find out exactly how Toughbook and Toughpad rugged mobile PCs, tablets and handhelds can help to transform your organisation.

Why Toughbook?

To survive the daily difficulties faced out in the field, your utilities workers need to be sure they have the toughest technology, and the most powerful performance at their fingertips.


Thanks to our proprietary technology, Toughbook delivers just that.

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What's the true value of rugged?

Discover for yourself the significant savings your utilities business could make by investing in rugged devices.

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What if we told you that being tough and rugged was only half the story?


What if we told you that we could help take the productivity of your workforce, and the efficiency of your operations to a whole new level?


And what if we told you that this could be achieved without compromising on safety or data security, and with a lower total cost of ownership to your organisation?

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Custom design

We also understand that no two utilities businesses are the same. That’s why we design and engineer systems adapted for you. With you. It’s all about building tailored products. Collaboratively.

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Case studies

Just a few examples from the many utilities organisations (just like yours) that Toughbook has helped change the game for.

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Toughbook partners

Panasonic Toughbook has an exclusive network of Certified Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and ISV partners. Their solutions have been thoroughly and successfully tested with our products.

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The expert touch

With over a decade of experience working in the rugged technology market – across multiple sectors – our UK Utilities Account Manager Chris Turner is always on hand to help answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact Chris directly.

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We also understand that no two utilities businesses are the same. That’s why we design and engineer systems