Service and Support

Getting computer docking right for your business

It’s all a question of service and support

Equip your mobile workers with rugged laptops and tablets, and you’re equipping them with powerful tools that are ready to work wherever they're needed.

If you then find the right way to dock those rugged laptops and tablets in your commercial vehicles, you’re making them more powerful, more productive and more purposeful than ever before.

But making sure you choose the right docks and mounts for your vehicle and mobile IT isn’t an easy task. In fact, you need the support of a specialist provider who will take the time to understand your business and the challenges you face before proposing any possible docking solution.

And then, even after you have made your selection and integrated the docking solution into your vehicles, you need to be sure you have the right service and support available to you, to minimise downtime and ensure maximum return on the investment you’ve made.

A 360°-approach is key

  • Understand –determine business requirements
  • Customise –by vehicle and by application
  • Engineer– from design, to testing to certification of docks
  • Support – end-to-end deployment, onsite consultancy and training
  • Protect – rapid repairs and extended and accidental damage warranties

Putting you in control

From conception to installation and beyond, Panasonic ProServices works directly with companies every step of the way to design the perfect docking solution to meet specific and unique business requirements.

Not only that, but the team have the capabilities and expertise to handle the entire process should companies wish, even ensuring that all safety legislation is met.

In short, Panasonic ProServices takes Panasonic’s ground-breaking technology, design, manufacturing and support to craft the ultimate business tool and on-the-road office for your workers.

Wales & West finds the perfect docking partner

It’s precisely this specialist service and support that has proved so valuable to Wales & West Utilities, as it turned to Panasonic to keep its mobile workforce connected in their vehicles.

With its 370-vehicle fleet, ranging from vans to pick-up trucks and 4x4 vehicles, the initial design and installation of the Panasonic Toughbook solution was no simple task, explains Andrew Pettiford, Transport Manager at Wales & West Utilities.

"We wanted the vehicles to become the engineers' office when they arrived at a job,' said Andrew

Specialist design for a state-of-the-art solution

Panasonic ProServices first designed, tested and installed the different vertical and horizontal docking stations for the vehicles using its specialist, in-house CAD designers and manufacturing team. The team then sourced the compatible screen and communication elements of the solution and scheduled the installations, working hand-in-hand with the utility.

Panasonic ProServices also provides a support contract to keep the vehicles on the road.

"Whenever there is a fault or issue with the vehicle solution, our engineers' call is directed to the Panasonic ProServices team," says Andrew. "Our first line support team is connected into our network and many times they are able to find a solution from the desktop but if there is a fault then a Panasonic repair team is dispatched to the vehicle. This support contract helps keep our engineers effective and provides me with important information to manage costs and to spot any recurring faults."

Of course, service and support are just two of many issues to be considered when deciding how and where to dock your mobile technology in commercial vehicles. For a full exploration of what you need to be thinking about, take a look at this in-depth report, published recently by Panasonic or contact us today to discuss your requirements.