Putting safety first

How to dock mobile technology safely and securely in your commercial vehicles

“When we were testing our very first mobile devices, we used to put them on the seats and the floor of the police vehicles, but we quickly realised that during a rapid response call the devices could become dangerous projectiles. A docking solution was the obvious solution.”

Tim Kyburz, Alexandria Police Department, Virginia.


“Panasonic handles all the safety and crash test certification with the capability to meet all international needs.”

Dave Wood, Head of infrastructure Implementation, Ocado.


“All appropriate crash safety, head impact and vibration testing was undertaken by Panasonic to ensure the docking solution was as rugged as the Toughpad tablets themselves.”

Mark Dawson, Transformation Programme Manager for Road Operations, AA.

In an increasingly mobile world, an organisation’s greatest asset is its field workforce, so it’s important to keep them safe.

And that means storing their mobile computer safely and securely in their vehicle. To do this, specialist vehicle docks and brackets are required.


A specialist in safety

To guarantee the highest safety levels, three main things should always be considered.

  1. Theft prevention
  2. Retention
  3. Distraction

It’s important to provide protection for not only vehicle drivers, but passengers and bystanders too.

Questions to consider could be: how can the computer be positioned in the vehicle so that it is easy to use, but does not block the line of sight of the driver?  Is the computer firmly secured so it doesn’t fall?  Can the computer be easily removed from the vehicle so as not to attract thieves?

At Panasonic, we take a collaborative approach to designing bespoke, completely safe docking solutions. From conception to installation and beyond, we work with you every step of the way to design the perfect docking solution to meet your business requirements. Our team has the capabilities and expertise to handle the entire process and ensure that all safety legislation is met, while you receive a solution that will truly transform your mobile operations.

With over 10 years’ experience in installing vehicle solutions, our in-house engineering team can even design brackets and fixings specifically to fit your vehicles.

In addition to the usual environmental, vibration and cycle testing of our devices,

All Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices are E-mark certified, meaning they have been EMC tested (amongst other things) and meet EU regulations to ensure they do not interfere with a vehicle’s electronics systems. 

Panasonic also puts the docks we design through independent third-party vehicle impact testing, carried out to international standards. What’s more, we certify to specific standards for specific industries – we test to CEN 17 for ambulances for example.

This guarantees the dock and bracketry, which is designed to absorb as much energy as possible upon impact, do not detach and become a projectile in a collision, thus safe-guarding the vehicle occupants.

Of course, safety is just one of numerous issues to be considered when deciding how and where to dock your mobile technology in commercial vehicles. For a full exploration of what you need to be thinking about, take a look at this in-depth report, published recently by Panasonic or contact us today to discuss your requirements.