Take your office on the road

Why docking solutions are more than just the sum of their parts 

The business benefits of equipping the mobile workforce with rugged tablets, notebooks and accessories are second to none.

Across Europe, in many industries, mobile technology and specialist commercial vehicles are constant companions for thousands, possibly millions, of field workers in their daily working lives.

And providing somewhere safe and secure to house these devices when workers are on the road should also be a top priority. It makes good business sense. 

But a surprising major advantage of vehicle docks is that of connectivity.

What many don’t realise is that the quality of a mobile worker’s wireless connectivity needn’t be limited to the capabilities of the device itself or its software.  The right in-vehicle solution can actually help to enhance connections in its own right.

In fact, the future of mobile workforce productivity lies in a powerful combination of better-connected rugged devices and connection-enhancing hardware peripherals specially designed for in-vehicle use.

The fully-functioning mobile office

Imagine for a moment field workers already being well versed in the full service history of a client before arriving at their destination.

Or receiving real-time assignment updates while they’re on the road.

Or perhaps instantly sharing vital information between each other from opposite ends of the country.

Consider how much time could be saved if work wasn’t jeopardised by connectivity black spots, thanks to docking solutions that actually helped to optimise wireless connections.

It’s all about creating the perfect dock and device solution to turn workers’ transport into dynamic offices on the move. It’s all about the connected vehicle, where workers can instantly access all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, right from their driver and passenger seats.

Create your connected vehicle with a world leader

Panasonic recognises the vital importance of connectivity to today’s mobile worker. So to optimise wireless connections, each of our docks has integrated dual antenna pass-through.

Combine that with a 4G MIMO antenna and a rugged wireless router with vehicle networking solutions – which can all be supplied and installed by the Panasonic Toughbook team – and field workers are more than ready to get the productivity show on the road.

What’s more, Panasonic offers advanced Mobile Performance Management (MPM) software to maximise network connections in real-time.

Productivity on the move

And of course, without having to worry about coverage gaps or lost connections, field workers of the future can look forward to a whole host of benefits.

  • Uninterrupted access to real-time information
  • The ability to digitally access manuals, service histories, spare part availability and scheduling requests before they even arrive at their destination
  • The reliable capturing and sharing of data as they go
  • Superior communications
  • Navigation to exactly where they need to be more efficiently thanks to GPS, GIS and telematics software

Companies across Europe are already benefiting from better connections on the move thanks to Panasonic.

“We wanted the vehicles to become the engineers’ office when they arrived at a job. The system is also connected to an antenna in the vehicle for effective 3G communications when in the community and for WLAN updates when in the utility company’s depot.”

(Andrew Pettiford, Transport Manager, Wales & West Utilities.)

“If you have poor connectivity, people quickly lose confidence in the device. A 4G connection with antenna throughput and a router delivered a steady and reliable bandwidth connection to our Toughpad through the docking unit.”

(Paul Jennings, PC on the mobile data team, Hertfordshire Police.)


Of course, connectivity and access to business applications out in the field are just two of numerous factors to consider when deciding how to integrate mobile technology into commercial vehicles.  For a full exploration of what you need to think about, take a look at this in-depth report, published recently by Panasonic or contact us today to discuss your requirements.