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From the production line to the store front, the TOUGHBOOK range of rugged notebooks and tablets has every aspect of your business covered. And in this website, you’ll find all you need to know about how we’re helping to set new standards in supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and retail.

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At Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, we know supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and retail. How can we be sure? Simple – we’ve listened and learned from our customers for decades. So when we say we understand the challenges you face, we really mean it.

But what are those challenges? And what are your mobile staff looking for from their technology?

Access to information and systems in real-time, whether they’re out and about, in store or deep in the warehouse

Long battery life that means their devices are ready and able to work for as long as your staff members do

The toughness to withstand whatever working life throws their way

Notebooks, tablets and handhelds that can travel with them, safely and securely, everywhere

Devices that are tailored for the way they work, rather than off-the-shelf, mass-produced models

TOUGHBOOK can answer each and every one – and do an awful lot more – day in, day out, wherever and whenever our technology is called on.

By applying what we’ve learned from businesses just like yours in the supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and retail sectors, we’ve been able to help them achieve significant bottom-line boosting results. And we’re ready and waiting to do the same for you.

Streamlined workflows and automated processes

Improved productivity

Less downtime

Reduced costs, maximised profits

Greater production and service speed

Exceptional customer experience

Buyers say Panasonic outpoints its rugged industry peers with its ability to understand needs and match them with proper technical solutions.*

*Based on VDC research, 2016

Explore our dedicated supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and retail site and find out exactly how TOUGHBOOK rugged PCs can help transform your business.

Why Toughbook?


Whether it’s in store or on the road, your mobile staff need to know they have the right technology at their disposal, ready to tackle any environment, and capable of performing with all the power they need.


Thanks to our proprietary technology, TOUGHBOOK delivers just that.

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Are your devices really rugged?


Find out why the rugged computing market is rife with confusion – and how TOUGHBOOK is cutting through the clutter.

Custom design

We understand that the needs of your business are unique. That’s why we design and engineer solutions adapted specifically for you. With you. It’s all about building tailored products. Collaboratively.

Case studies

Take a look at a few examples of how we’re helping businesses like yours and changing the game for them.



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