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Over the next three years, we are expected to experience an explosion in tablet adoption, with shipments reaching almost 400 million tablets by 2016.
Of those tablets, approximately 39% is either going to be directly issued by enterprise organisations or supported through a BYOD programme.
Among enterprise IT decision makers evaluating solutions for frontline mobile workers, of the organisations that either deployed or planned to deploy tablets to their workforce, 31% were looking at these mobile devices as a notebook replacement and 20% as a handheld replacement.
Equally important is the fact that for organisations with mobile frontline workers, the tablet is being evaluated
to support and mobilise entirely new workflows that had previously been supported with manual processes.
For many organisations, deploying tablets is the catalyst for a broader initiative to review and adjust existing workflows to identify opportunities to streamline and improve processes - improving not only productivity but also the quality of service provided by these mobile workers.

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