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In today’s increasingly service driven economy, an organisation’s greatest asset – and cost – is in its workforce and their time. Optimising this time is at the heart of an organisation’s operational strategy.
VDC estimates that mobile workers, one billion large in 2013, is the fastest growing segment of the workforce – mobile solutions that connect these workers to one another and with the customers they are supporting can substantially enhance their workflow.
The value of these mobile solutions is in their gift of time – both from a workforce productivity and multiplier perspective
and also in their ability to provide workers the time to drive more engaging customer interactions. Although the variety of mobile form factors is only expanding and there is no single form factor that will meet every field worker’s needs, it is clear that the tablet form factor and its elegant balance
of portability and productivity is evolving into a highly capable and impactful field mobile solution.
Enterprise and government organisations are validating tablet solutions with over 80% of FORTUNE 500 organisations currently deploying or testing tablets for their mobile workers. However, in today’s consumer influenced mobile IT landscape, what defines a strong enterprise tablet? How might enterprise needs vary by mobile worker function, especially when considering the unique requirements among frontline mobile workers such as field service?
From exposure to inclement environmental conditions, to specialised I/O requirements and strict security support, how are these needs being met? Which mobile OS is most suitable for enterprise mobile applications where reliability, application sustainability and security are paramount?
The fact is there is not a “one size fits all” tablet solution and decisions should focus on identifying the solution that provides seamless time to value while balancing upfront costs with ongoing cost of ownership and support.
VDC Research was commissioned by Panasonic to conduct research among enterprise mobile IT decision makers and software developers. To support the research VDC Research fielded a survey that was completed by 186 qualified respondents. The respondents consisted of individuals with direct experience and responsibilities for enterprise mobile solution design and application development either for their organisation or their organisation’s clients.

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