• Semi Ruggedised

Toughbook semi rugged laptops

For professionals who need durable, no-nonsense technology that lasts, look no further than the semi rugged Toughbook range. Expect nothing less than resistance to impact, drops (up to 76cm), scratches, droplets, spills and altitude.

There is a semi rugged Toughbook model for almost every industry application, from the flexible 12.5” CF-C2 through to our latest-generation CF-54. In fact, the CF-54 redefines the semi-rugged category. Its integrated pull-out handle offers mobile workers on the move an efficient and safe way to carry their device in a variety of situations. Combining lightweight design, ‘bio-engineered’ honeycomb lid for strength and huge configuration capabilities, this is a high-quality product, which can meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Secured performance

All Toughbook notebooks feature Windows 8.1 Pro, operating on a shock-protected hard drive, powered by exceptionally fast Intel® Core™ i5 processors. In addition to the physical security and integrated hardware security lock slots, our Toughbook range has built-in Trusted Platform Modules (TCG V1.2 compliant), which generate cryptographic keys, enabling secure authentication.

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