• Fully ruggedised

Toughbook Fully Rugged Laptops

The Toughbook range of fully rugged laptops, equipped with Intel® Core TM i5 vProTM processors, is the absolute ultimate in durability and reliability. Our toughest range of hardware, they are capable of withstanding the harshest of working environments ensuring workers can be effective and efficient in the worst physical conditions, knowing they can rely on their Toughbook.

There is a Toughbook model suitable for different hostile environments and all are protected with a magnesium-thickened casing which offers maximum protection for the most sensitive components, such as the display. Hard drives are secured against impact and shock. A fall from a height of up to 180cm does not affect functionality in any way, and a special protective coating provides dust and water resistance.

Keeping out temperature extremes, dust and water spills

The fully ruggedised Toughbook is further characterised by its reliability and consistency in functioning under extremes of temperature conditions – they work at -20oC and at +60oC too. In addition they are ideally suited for wet or dusty field work so you can rely on your fully rugged Toughbook*.

Rigorous testing and years of experience means that the Panasonic Toughbook products are used around the world to ensure mobile staff can access the tools and information they need to complete their work efficiently. The laptops are instrumental in helping utility services, transport companies and the emergency services in many countries to operate effectively and communicate with control centres, and pay a major role in assisting engineers in the automotive, airline, construction and manufacturing industries to access graphics and data quickly, diagnose issues and complete vital checks during their working day.   

Vibration and shock resistant with daylight visible screens and touchscreen options with long battery life

Fully rugged Toughbook notebooks and tablets are resistant to vibration and shock, offering daylight visible screens for outdoor working. All are equipped with batteries capable of keeping your workers connected for 7 hours or more, and there are in-vehicle mounting options and versatile docking solutions. Touchscreen technology in all models makes them easy to use and the full range of hardware on offer means fully rugged Toughbook models are adaptable to any business which puts huge demands on the equipment used in the field.

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* All Fully Ruggedised models comply with the MIL-Standard (MIL-STD 810G) ¹ on impact resistance and additionally meet the ingress protection norm IP65 on water and dust resistance².

¹ Tested by a national independent third party test lab following MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV for transit drop test.

² Tested by an independent third party lab following MIL-STD-810G and IEC 60529, Sections 13.4, 13.6.2, 14.2.5 and 14.3