• EPOS and kiosk

    FZ-G1 mPOS Kiosk Passport


If you’re working in retail, leisure, hospitality and fast-food, how can you be sure your technology is keeping pace with the relentless increase in customer expectations that’s happening all around you on a daily basis?

You could start by talking to Panasonic about our EPOS systems.

In developing and delivering EPOS systems, we understand that those industries are among the most demanding customer service environments in which to operate. So specialist business technology is critical to efficient performance.

The good news for you is that we’ve been supplying electronic point-of-sale systems to businesses for nearly 30 years now. Notable for their flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use, our current range of EPOS solutions are designed to suit the precise requirements of your business, proving more than a match for even the most intense working conditions.