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ToughTalk July 2018

Dear Toughtalk reader,  

Welcome to this bumper edition of Toughtalk. 

In this issue, we’re sharing the results of our brand-new customer satisfaction survey. We’re also celebrating a very special anniversary – and the launch of not one, not two, but three new devices. 

And that's not all. Here's what else is in store:

Get to grips with our FZ-M1 RealSense 3D imaging Toughbook

Explore the Panasonic story as we celebrate our 100-year anniversary

Let our FZ-M1 with thermal imaging camera get you hot under the collar

Find out how Queen Elizabeth Hospital is getting on with our pioneering 3D capture technology

Say hello to our upgraded CF-20, and discover what makes it the best yet

Join the easyJet cabin crew as they fly high with Toughbook on their team

Introducing the FZ-M1 with RealSense Technology 

Our best-selling rugged 7” tablet now comes with Intel RealSense 3D data capture technology.

Measure gaps, cracks, depths and widths from a distance of 10 metres while using the device to run multiple business-critical applications. 

Discover the FZ-M1 with thermal imaging camera 

Say goodbye to cumbersome standalone thermal cameras and substandard device attachments.

Our best-selling rugged 7” tablet now comes equipped with FLIR Lepton® micro-thermal imager technology, which lets you capture high definition thermal pictures and videos, then zoom in and analyse, pixel-by-pixel.

See who buyers voted for as their most trusted rugged notebook and tablet supplier

Our brand-new whitepaper – conducted by VDC Research – is ready to download. 

Inside, you’ll discover who buyers voted for as their most trusted rugged notebook and tablet supplier. You’ll also see how Panasonic fared against its competitors in four key categories:

Understanding needs and implementation

Hardware performance

Most likely to recommend 

Service satisfaction


Our best just got better. The new Toughbook CF-20 boasts 17-hour battery life, upgraded processor technology and greater levels of security thanks to a Windows Hello-compliant front camera. 

Plus, all these great features come wrapped up in the action-ready body of the world’s first fully rugged detachable notebook. 



Irons. Washing machines. Cameras. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1918.

Founded by Konosuke Matsushita, Panasonic began its story with an improved attachment plug, which allowed people to power an electric appliance from a light socket. Fast forward 100 years and we’re engineering the world’s most advanced rugged technology.

Our principle of making life easier with innovation has remained the same.




Diagnosis: Toughbook

Hospitals are indisputably stressful places to work. Pressure is high and accuracy is crucial. So what happens when a patient comes in with a critical burn or ulcer? 

Estimating the size of a burn was previously performed using various different methods such as the ‘Rule of Nines’, where the body is broken down into 9% areas. Early and accurate assessment is key to reducing skin damage, yet these techniques are often imprecise because of the variability of the human body. 

"The potential for cost savings by changing interventions earlier, reducing dressings and clinical resources and delivering better patient outcomes will be significant. Further cost savings could result from remote monitoring and diagnosis of wounds in the community.

The camera, tablet and software is simple to use, and any clinician can be trained to use it, with very little experience in burns or wound care required.”

Professor Steven Jeffery, Director of the UK’s National Institute for Health Research WoundTec Healthcare Technology Cooperative 


Up, up and away with Toughbook

easyJet has significantly improved customer boarding times thanks to a new pre-flight processing system, allowing greater flexibility – and cost savings – at departure gates.

How? Using the Toughpad FZ-F1 handheld, complete with integrated barcode reader and easyJet’s bespoke, in-house software.

Today, easyJet in Geneva uses this mobile solution to board 95% of all its flights.

“The collaboration with Panasonic has been particularly great; from answering all our questions and queries to loaning devices for the trial, and listening to feedback about specific case use."

Graham Cottrell, Business Analyst in Operations Systems at easyJet. 

Find out which Toughbook 
they chose, and why >>


Thanks for reading!

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