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Designed for Defence and ideal for Police and Utilities this high-performance 14-inch notebook takes rugged computing to another level with the flexibility to meet mission-critical operations and everyday challenges.

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To stay competitive, manufacturers need to run lean operations. Invest in the right tech. Minimise downtime. All while maintaining product quality.

It’s a case of evolve or fall behind: digitising your operations using machine-to-machine communication has never been more important.

Join us on 17th March 2022 to discuss the future of manufacturing – from IoT and MES, to mobile digitalisation, big data, AR and beyond. 


BRACKNELL, UK. 15th February 2022 – Panasonic today announced 5G support for its best-selling fully rugged tablet the TOUGHBOOK G2. Ideal for mobile power users that require high-bandwidth connectivity in the most extreme environments, the 5G version of the TOUGHBOOK G2 will be available to order from February 2022.


The incredible challenge of developing and then mass manufacturing vaccines for the Pandemic placed the pharmaceutical industry under the microscope of the world’s scrutiny like never before. Many of us imagined our greatest scientific minds in their labs at work – under unimaginable pressure as they worked tirelessly for a breakthrough, before then testing and onto full scale production.