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The right technology choices, in hardware and software, can help warehouses to reach new levels of efficiency from their forklift fleets, reduce downtime, and generate valuable insights to inform smarter operations.

Equipping forklifts with mobile devices creates a direct line between management and fleet operations. Drivers can generate real-time, accurate stock calculations, feedback job completion data with ease and without hard copies, view live updates on job allocations and schedule changes, and reduce time and errors in the auditing process.

Tech trainspotting at RailTech Europe 2022

The TOUGHBOOK team was busy at this year's Railtech Europe show. Like many sectors, the railway industry suffered during the pandemic with passenger numbers dropping from 8.2 billion in 2019 to 4.8 billion in 2020. But as numbers begin to bounce back, there was clear evidence looking around the show of a lot of interest in how mobile computing technology could continue to help improve our railway networks.

Join TOUGHBOOK on 28th June to discover where rugged technology is taking the defence sector

What you’ll get from the session:


The all-new TOUGHBOOK 40 with Windows 11 Pro, magnesium chassis, and flexible configurations is the most versatile 14" fully rugged TOUGHBOOK ever built.

And it doesn't compromise on durability either, with features like improved strength and IP66 resistant design, the TOUGHBOOK 40 is everything proof, including the future.

In terms of flexibility, the TOUGHBOOK 40 is equally outstanding. It offers a huge array of flexible configuration options, making it easier for customers to have exactly the device they want.