Forklift success in action

Forklift success in action 

How to choose IT that truly transforms operational efficiency


From transport and logistics to manufacturing and retail. Choose the right IT for your forklift truck drivers and warehouse workforce, and you could change the game for your entire operations.

Just some of the benefits of going digital include:

  • Optimised workflows
  • Faster picking and packing
  • Seamless materials processing
  • Real-time stocktaking
  • Minimised errors
  • Maximised productivity
  • Reduced costly downtime
  • Faster delivery times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Boosted safety


The next step

Ok, so we know that selecting the right mobile computing solution – and the right mounting solution – is critical. But the task can be a daunting one.

Where do you even begin?

Before you decide on a system that’s the perfect fit for your fleet, it’s important to ask some vital questions.


Should you choose fixed forklift computers or more mobile devices?

Thanks to mounted computers on forklift trucks, operators can now go about their daily picking and putting-away tasks, while connected to dynamic back-end host systems.

But when choosing such computers, should you give your warehouse workforce a fixed solution or a flexible mobile device that can move between vehicles?

It’s valuable to know which provide the most benefits, and what exactly said benefits are.


Should you choose a consumer device or something a little tougher?

Without doubt, mobile devices have ushered in a whole new era of productivity for warehouse operations.

But with so much choice on the market, it can be hard to walk the line between quality and cost.

Take consumer devices for example. We use them in our everyday lives, and the initial purchase cost is often less than the more specialist and rugged offerings. But is cheaper necessarily more cheerful when it comes to use in the demanding warehouse environment?

Then again, if you are to invest in rugged, exactly how much more do you get for your money?


What do your forklift operators really need from their devices?

So, we’ve asked the killer questions regarding mobility and durability, but there are a whole host of additional IT factors that can transform your forklift operations.

Operating systems, display size, Wi-Fi connectivity and the finishing accessory touches are also important elements to keep in mind. 

Glove- and rain-enabled touchscreens mean your warehouse workers can continue to perform in all weather conditions, while anti-reflection displays deliver the same benefits in all lighting conditions.

In order to increase productivity and data safety, it’s crucial to take into account the latest technologies and software on the market. In addition, optimised connectivity should always be a given for uninterrupted efficiency.

And what about batteries? If the device isn’t offering superior levels of battery life, then your operations will likely suffer very costly downtime.


Are your computer docks up to the task?

Much like your devices, your forklift docks and mounts should be fully considered too, and provide a complete and safety-compliant solution that’s easily transferable between forklifts.

In fact, vehicle docks and mounts can actually be engineered to help optimise the wireless connections of your mobile computers, thanks to optional dual-antenna pass-through. Are yours delivering where they should?

Which specific device is most suitable for your workforce?

Small handheld, tablet or convertible notebook? Windows or Android™ operating system? Rear-angled barcode scanner, signature pen and USB keyboard? Diagnostics, connectivity or security-enhancing software? Device specifics, and custom options should always be serious considerations too.


What now?

So, we’ve asked a lot of hypothetical questions here, and you’re probably looking for some tangible answers and actions. Answers and actions that can take your forklift and warehouse operations to the next level.

We investigate in a little more detail, and provide our findings over on our dedicated forklift page.


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