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In the Free State of Bavaria, around 3,000 employees of the Bayerische Staatsforsten deal with the business management of state woodland stretching over 800,000 hectares. Administering such a large area requires substantial logistics. So foresters, forestry commissioners and other staff are supported by the robust Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets when working in the field

With Panasonic we can depend on the reliable tablets just as much as we rely on the expert advice and support for all technical questions.

Thomas Enzner, IT project manager at the Bayerische Staatsforsten

Client – Bayerische Staatsforsten
Location – Germany

Robust, mobile devices with accurate GPS reception and outdoor display for good map display. Two devices reduced to one for mobile timber data collection and forest PC.


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets offer accurate GPS reception, ample CPU power and are certified by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (committee for forestry work and forestry technology) for their suitability for field service. A docking station allows them to be used in the forest and the office.


When field service staff at the Bayerische Staatsforsten go out to compile data on the timber, both they and their equipment are exposed to all kinds of weather. Whether in rain, snow, frost or heat, the tablets used must operate perfectly at all times in different conditions without the staff having to worry about breakdowns.

Since 2014, the Bayerische Staatsforsten has been using more than 600 TOUGHBOOK G1 tablets for mobile timber data collection, taking inventory for the forestry institution and as a fully-fledged substitute for the forest PC.

Alongside sturdiness, high CPU power, accurate GPS reception and a docking station for the office were decisive requirements. Another important criterion was the sunlight-readable capacitive touchscreen for a good map display. The timber data can be entered conveniently with one finger, even in gloves, or a touch pen.


The Bayerische Staatsforsten has been using TOUGHBOOK devices since the end of 2008. Around 600 Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-19 “2 in 1” notebooks were purchased at that time. Thomas Enzner, the responsible project manager explains: “Foresters, system administrators and hotline staff first tested
various notebooks extensively. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices won us over with their good battery performance and suitability for field service, but also the option of connection to a docking station, good technical support and the design. The cost-performance ratio was also a key factor.”

After the work in the forest, the TOUGHBOOK tablets are connected via a docking station to external screens and internal network in the district office so that the staff now only need one device to complete all their tasks. That saves us time and money because all the necessary data can be found on one computer.”
Thomas Enzner sums up, “Alongside the reliable products we can fully depend on expert advice and support for all technical questions. The Panasonic Team has extensive industry knowledge, which makes it especially pleasant to work with them.”


The coordinates of the storage location are recorded for each individual stack of timber. In some cases, the individual locations are a long way apart. That’s why it’s important that the tablets used, have a long battery life. Thanks to a battery life of up to ten hours, there is no problem working in the field far away from the nearest socket.

Moreover, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK components such as the display and the hard disk are protected against knocks and vibrations by a robust magnesium case as well as against external influences such as dust and rainwater, thereby ensuring optimal conditions for compiling data in the forest. The TOUGHBOOK even survives falls from a height of 180 cm. It withstands temperatures ranging from -20°C and +60°C and in addition, it is waterproof so sensitive components are protected. The data is secure at all times.


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices were designed and also certified for precisely these challenging conditions. The TOUGHBOOK 20, G1 and M1 models have been awarded the certification mark “KWF-Test-Außendiensttauglichkeit” by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. (KWF).