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Customise Android to suit your business requirements

Ready to tackle your business-critical tasks with complete efficiency? Introducing COMPASS Custom: your Android-powered TOUGHBOOK devices, working your way.

With COMPASS Custom, you can tailor everything from your device’s interface, to its signal quality, battery power, or security and storage space. With your Custom ROM, every element of your OS can be designed to work the way you need, with GMS and non-GMS versions available. However challenging the conditions, your business priority is now a possibility.

With three levels of customisation, now you can personalise your entire fleet of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Android-powered devices, for an unrivalled business-fit solution.

Level 1 customisation

  • Receive a personalised look and feel – home screen, background image, power-on animation, logo, colours

  • Add specific applications which can’t be removed – even by factory reset

  • Comes complete with fixed settings

  • Custom launcher

Level 2 customisation

  • Custom kernel with integrated drivers (e.g. special Bluetooth device drivers)

  • Add third-party security solutions for security you trust

  • Comes complete with fixed settings

  • Assistance for solution vendors and ISVs (e.g. for adding third-party gadgets to our devices)

Level 3 customisation

  • Gain access to the complete build environment

Your key to unlocked productivity

  • Increase workforce productivity – fit for purpose tech, increased battery life and improved signal quality maximise your team’s efficiency

  • Reduce your IT teams’ workload, with easy kitting and staging plus increased device security
  • Enhance your business identity with a personalised look and feel – from your devices’ home screen, to logos, power-up animations, colours and more

  • Provide an enriched out-of-the-box user experience

Want to know more?

COMPASS Custom is just one part of the Complete Android Services and Security suite. It’s everything your business needs to deploy and manage your Panasonic rugged Android devices.

For more information on COMPASS Custom, or any of the other COMPASS tools, please contact us.

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TOUGHBOOK as a Service

Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable.

TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is an OPEX subscription solution, based on fixed monthly, direct debit payments over 3, 4 or 5 year terms.