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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK works along with the Italian excellence of San Benedetto in its journey of digitalization and environmental protection.

We chose TOUGHBOOK Panasonic FZ-A2 as it is able to guarantee over time all the features we need to be operative in our production environments.

Matteo Boatto, Senior Buyer - Gruppo San Benedetto

Client – Gruppo San Benedetto
Location – Scorzè, Italy

Android tablet with barcode reader, resistant to humidity and long lasting battery.


TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2 Fully rugged 10.1 ’’ tablet with Android OS. Tested for falls from 1.2 m, rating IP65 for resistance to dust and water; it works in a temperature range between -10 and + 50 °C.

Over 100 countries, more than 2,000 employees, 44 bottling lines and a production capacity of 4.6 billion bottles: these are just some of the numbers that make San Benedetto the first company in the entirely Italian capital beverage sector. The company, founded in 1956 with the first factory in Scorzè, was the first in Italy to launch PET containers in different formats in 1980; since then, its history is marked by innovation, hand in hand with the value of environmental protection, which in 2009 led San Benedetto to sign the first agreement with the Ministry of the Environment. The Ecogreen project brings to the market a range of innovative bottles, made with regenerated plastic and with 100% of compensated CO2 emissions.

In its commitment to safeguarding the planet, San Benedetto has embarked on a path of sustainability that also includes the digitization of production processes: the company has introduced specific software into its processes, dedicated to production phases such as quality control. In order to use these applications, the operators have been equipped with mobile devices, specifically with the TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2 Panasonic.

Light and thin, the TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2 is a fully rugged 10.1 ’’ tablet with an Android operating system. Fanless, it is equipped with a wide range of customizable business interfaces and connectivity options, which allow it to be adapted to specific needs. It has a removable battery capable of ensuring operation for an entire work shift or even all day (thanks to the optional hot swap battery), it is tested for falls from 1.2 m and is certified with an IP65 rating for resistance to dust and water; it can also work in a temperature range between -10 and + 50 ° C.

"We carried out an in-depth analysis of the market of professional rugged tablets, which allowed us to identify the Panasonic FZ-A2 TOUGHBOOK, able to guarantee over time all the features we are looking for for use in an industrial environment," Boatto explains.

The group has recently equipped its production line employees with 65 TOUGHBOOK FZ-A2, with the aim of digitizing production processes and reducing paper usage. Operators particularly appreciate the ergonomics, thanks to the low weight and the durable and easily adjustable hand strap, and the integrated barcode reader, which is essential to reduce control times and registration errors, for example during use of raw materials in production. The device allows San Benedetto operators to work seamlessly, thanks to its resistance to impact, long battery life and the possibility of working in environments with high humidity.