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TOUGHBOOK 20 became AKUT’s reliable teammate with its rugged structure built to withstand extreme conditions ideal for search and rescue operations. AKUT’s operations are now more transparent and easier with TOUGHBOOK 20’s MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certificate, hot swappable battery and 17 hours battery life.

At AKUT, we have upgraded our technical infrastructure, from the time we started in Turkey responding to the 1999 Great Marmara Earthquake, with the support of our volunteers and the business world. Surprisingly, TOUGHBOOK 20 gives the impression that it was almost purpose designed for search and rescue efforts. The solution will contribute greatly to our operations. On behalf of AKUT, I would like to offer my thanks to the Panasonic family for its support. Our cooperation will continue to grow in the future.

AKUT Search & Rescue Association Chairman Recep Şalcı

Client – AKUT Search & Rescue Association
Location – Turkey


Turkey’s first search and rescue association, AKUT, was founded with the aim of conducting effective search and rescue operations in the mountains and other extreme natural environments. To achieve its aims, the association completed the necessary training to quickly be able to respond to official institutions’ requests for help in the case of natural disasters.

The Association’s volunteers offer their life saving assistance with the help of TOUGHBOOK 20 2-in-1 notebooks. Taking an active role in operations like a teammate, the device is an essential communications tool in emergencies and is built to withstand water, dust and shock.


AKUT’s operations are now more transparent

As AKUT Search & Rescue Association volunteers are ready to work in the heart of the action 24/7 with 27 teams across Turkey, its new teammate TOUGHBOOK 20 needs to be extraordinary reliable and resistant.

The TOUGHBOOK 20 can keep active the critical applications that AKUT needs, as it organizes operations to save human life in all types of challenging conditions such as mountains, debris, snow, flood and heavy rain, high and low temperatures.

Rugged device, offer uninterrupted support to AKUT’s volunteers

With its MIL-STD-810G certificate, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has a magnesium alloy case suitable for the environments where search and rescue support is needed. It also successfully passed the necessary drop-impact tests and has proven dust and water resistance at IP65 level.

It provides safe and durable high technology to the search and rescue team in all kinds of harsh conditions with a hot swappable battery life of up to 17 hours. The touch screen, which can be read in daylight, can be used with gloves and can be separated as a tablet when necessary, making the TOUGHBOOK 20 compatible with all terrain and weather conditions.