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The use of digital technologies ensures more transparency, better quality execution and quicker progress in the implementation of construction projects. It makes companies more efficient, because the enormous expertise and specialist knowhow of the different construction branches is digitally and directly interlinked and thus easily accessible for all involved parties. The Swiss construction company FIBO Bau AG relied on digitized processes early on in order to capitalize on these advantages.

TOUGHBOOK devices are tailored to the complex requirements on construction sites. Only they make our digitization concept possible and feasible in practice.

Katja Hasani, Project Manager at FIBO Bau AG

Client – FIBO Bau AG
Location – Oberhasli ZH, Switzerland

Reliable, rugged, mobile IT equipment for daily work on the construction site and for collaborating with different contractors.


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK notebooks and tablets for project and construction managers.

FIBO Bau AG is a Swiss construction company from the Zürcher Unterland and builds single and multi-family apartments with a high standard. Each project is developed individually with the respective property developer and usually implemented with local contractors. The company recognized early on the potential of digital, paperless collaboration on its construction sites.

Digital future in construction

FIBO Bau AG has already introduced a comprehensive digitization concept to its construction sites. The construction company relies on modern IT for daily communication between all parties involved and construction partners. Plans and work instructions on paper, which wear out quickly and are only up-to-date for a short time, are largely superfluous.

Instead, project managers and site managers have digital access to plans and execution instructions as well as checklists for tasks and non-conformity management. They create their work reports online, have a digital signature and can request up-to-date information anytime and anywhere. There are also collaboration tools for online meetings and the exchange of documents or images.

The simple requirements for this time and cost-saving digitalization are handy and reliable devices that are designed for the harsh conditions on construction sites.

Digital thanks to rugged, high-performance IT

"When it comes to mobile IT equipment, we don't make any compromises," explains Katja Hasani, project manager at FIBO Bau AG. "For our daily work we need powerful, rugged devices that our employees can rely on 100 percent when they are out in the field." This is because it is difficult for employees on site to view and process complex information on a small mobile phone display. At the same time, conventional office notebooks are not designed for the conditions on construction sites and, in FIBO Bau's experience, are therefore far too vulnerable.
The solution is Panasonic TOUGHBOOK notebooks and tablets, which work reliably for many years despite the high levels of dust on construction sites. Moisture, drops or blows from falling objects can hardly harm these devices. Thanks to the long battery life and batteries that can be replaced by the user during operation, they can easily last through long shifts. An essential criterion in construction, where often no charging infrastructure is available.

The clear and bright displays are just as important, for viewing finely granulated plans, even under sunlight. Precise pen input enables very precise sketches to be recorded in the field, which can then be passed back to the architect immediately. Finally, all Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices have a mobile radio connection to 4G LTE. In this way, the employees remain

reliably connected with each other and with the office. The rugged 10" TOUGHBOOK tablet is the ideal solution for site managers and foremen. On the one hand, all information can be viewed and edited there, and on the other hand, they have a handy device on site. A keyboard can be connected to this tablet, for example for more comprehensive documentation.
A 14" TOUGHBOOK 55 notebook is an ideal form factor for project managers. The rugged device is suitable for entire project control, even with extensive typing, such as reports, construction specifications and nonconformity reports. Thanks to the ergonomic device design with a practical handle, it is always with you on the go.
"The TOUGHBOOK devices are tailor-made for the high demands and loads on construction," says Katja Hasani. “This is what makes our digitization concept possible and feasible in practice.” At the same time, if you consider a usage period of three to four years, these devices have significantly lower total operating costs than conventional office devices. According to FIBO Bau, they break less1. Another plus: Panasonic keeps its devices structurally unchanged for many years, which simplifies the roll-out of additional devices to future project and site managers.
1) Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices experience around 7 times fewer failures in operation than comparable office devices. (IDC Whitepaper "Future-Proof IT Investments")