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  • History of TOUGHBOOK



Here at Panasonic we have developed a timeline to tell the story of how our TOUGHBOOK products have developed since their birth.

Since the introduction of the first TOUGHBOOK over 20 years ago, the product range has continued to improve and develop each year. From our first TOUGHBOOK to the latest rugged tablets, equipped with Intel RealSense and thermal imaging technology, Panasonic has retained a commitment to invest in research and development, testing and production to ensure innovation is incorporated into every TOUGHBOOK model.

The introduction of our purpose-built rugged tablet range in 2012 gave the form factor to the world, designed specifically for the rigours of business use in multiple industries and challenging environments. The series has since been enhanced and expanded, now joined by our rugged handheld devices.

Every TOUGHBOOK is a purpose-designed rugged computing device, built in direct response to customer needs, providing industry and business users with functional and durable notebooks, tablets and laptops. The TOUGHBOOK range is designed to withstand the accidental drops and spillages that often temporarily or permanently damage regular computing devices. Every fully rugged mobile computer, tablet and handheld in the TOUGHBOOK range can withstand the harshest environments, being resistant to dust, dirt, temperature fluctuations and the elements for workers who venture into places where traditional computing isn’t an option.

All TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile computers are manufactured in Kobe, Japan. Unlike most notebook manufacturers that order parts from other companies, TOUGHBOOK products are designed, tested and manufactured from the ground up at the plant. Panasonic is so rigorous with testing TOUGHBOOK products that thousands are pushed to the point of destruction every year in order to further improve our products. 

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