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  • Consumer vs. rugged

Consumer vs. rugged

Why rugged offers more bang for your buck 

Mobile devices have ushered in a whole new era of productivity for mobile working.

And it’s all too easy to be tempted by the small costs and big promises that consumer tablets and mobile PCs boast.

After all, they still get most of the job done, mostly well, most of the time. Right?


Non-specialised, popular consumer handhelds aren’t built to withstand the harsh conditions often faced by utilities workers.

When it comes to the demanding world of utilities, tough-ish just isn’t tough enough.


And it's bad for your bottom line.


Don't overlook these hidden costs

  Downtime   Repairs   Replacements   Efficiency
1% increase in device failure rates

5% increase in your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Just a 1% increase in device failure rates equates to a hefty 5% increase in your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Toughbook computers are an incredible 7 times more reliable than industrial average notebooks without rugged features. 

In short…

Toughbook’s world-renowned reliability & Toughbook’s productivity-enhancing technology

= A better return on investment for your business

TCO calculator

Find out how much you could save long-term by investing
in rugged, with our simple and speedy TCO calculator.


Ruggedly engineered with utilities workers (and your bottom line) in mind 

Superior screen visibility
Indoors and out. Whatever the light. However the weather

Work without limits
Toughened, anti-reflective, glove-enabled multi-touchscreens for undisturbed, seamless operation. 

A whole new level of rugged
Rigorously tested to military standards for resistance to dust, water, drops, knocks and extreme temperatures, for leading durability and extremely low failure and downtime rates out in the field. 

Optimised connectivity
With double antennas and a combination of LAN, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WWAN (3G/4G) and GPS for superior wireless connectivity out in the field. So workers can look forward to uninterrupted access to vital information, scheduling and communications.

Advanced technology and security
Choose from the latest Windows® or Android™ operating systems, and the most current Intel® processors. Featuring Panasonic’s Android for Work-enhancing COMPASS software for greater security and workforce productivity. 

Multiple shifts, multiple workers
The longest outdoor battery life. Hot and warm-swap options. Up to 24-hour operational capabilities. Our devices can handle multiple long shifts and multiple workers. 

Vehicle docks and mounts
Fully rugged and specialised. So your workers always have full device capabilities, wherever they are and your service vehicles can become fully-functioning mobile offices.

Specialist support and services
Panasonic ProServices deliver managed deployment, technical support, asset management and user training, for smooth and successful rollouts.

Telematics software
Panasonic is currently working with repair and telematics specialists to develop complete solutions that are ideal for the utilities sector.