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Developing, integrating and maintaining custom software applications across multiple devices is a complex task. When you consider the range of operating systems, screen sizes or form factors you’re catering to, it becomes an even bigger job.

Introducing TOUGHBOOK Omnia: your cost-effective, end-to-end custom software solution.

Using the MCL Platform, TOUGHBOOK Omnia future-proofs your entire mobile fleet. Our systems developers can quickly design custom apps that can be deployed to multiple devices across your business. No more siloed technology, no more multiple platform management – no matter how diverse your range of devices, form factors and operating systems are.

Furthermore, TOUGHBOOK Omnia brings the time it takes to develop a bespoke application for your business down to days or weeks, rather than the months – or even years – it can take elsewhere. And fast development doesn’t just mean time savings. Because our team of systems developers are so agile, they deliver modifications and updates quickly and at remarkably low costs too.

So your mobile IT estate is always fully integrated and up to date, and your time, resources and OPEX is maximised.

Power up your custom applications with TOUGHBOOK Omnia.
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  • Faster, streamlined app build process

  • Quicker device updates

  • Increased visibility of costs

  • Central management (via the MCL Platform)

  • Future-proofed technology

  • Maximised productivity


Software complexity, simplified

TOUGHBOOK Omnia, opens the door to immediate, visible productivity improvements across your mobile IT estate.

Ours teams can consult, build, deploy and support your full suite of mobile IT and software solutions to your requirements. And, using the MCL platform, you’ll benefit from additional tools like device management, too.

You can monitor users and systems from virtually any location, deploying new app updates and modifications with increased agility. Staying future-proof is no longer a costly, time-consuming process – it’s effortless.

Omnia provides rapid app development, seamless deployment and maximum productivity.
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Your bespoke solution.
There are no limitations to how TOUGHBOOK Omnia can work for your business. Minimise human error, upgrade device functionality and accelerate your digital transformation
Build. Deploy. Succeed.
Through the use of the MCL platform, you can reduce software development and deployment from months to just days – so you can win, quicker. We can even implement future changes without redesigning the application.

Future-proofed apps. Build once. Deploy to many.

As our workforce becomes more mobile, and our day-to-day processes more digital, there’s increased pressure on IT departments. Devices need to stay secure, functional and efficient at all times, as new digital solutions are being deployed, upgraded and optimised.

The MCL Platform is an industry-leading development, interfacing and SaaS-based mobile lifecycle management environment, created especially for business mobility solutions.

It makes developing and testing custom software applications faster than ever before – cutting time from months to just weeks or even days. Much faster than using traditional software houses or internal development. So your IT teams have more time and more freedom to work on your business-critical projects, while maintaining optimum tech efficiency and improved user workflows for your fleet.

No more waiting for updates. No more delayed app rollouts. Just streamlined processes.

You get more for your technology investment, and your IT teams gain the control, security and peace of mind they need to be their most productive.

Custom apps can be built once and deployed to many form factors – with Android and Windows OS compatibility.

Ready to maximise your mobile IT efficiency?


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COMPASS – Complete Android Services and Security

To stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, you need technology which works the way you do: professionally, flexibly and responsively. Now, you can harness the full power of Android in the enterprise with Panasonic COMPASS: Complete Android Services and Security.

Device deployment, management, security and optimisation have never been easier. From over-the-air firmware updates, to customised application options; remote device management and enhanced device security. Handle your rugged TOUGHBOOK Android devices with confidence, knowing they’re always business-ready – wherever you are, whatever your mission critical.

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compass manager


Take control of your entire Android estate, with COMPASS Manager. With a range of staging and remote device management tools, you can configure, manage and deploy – all in just a few clicks. Unlock your teams’ productivity and get ready to take back time.


Compass for enterprise

COMPASS for Enterprise

All Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Android devices are Android Enterprise Recommended, so you can be sure they’re designed and built for industry. Now, with COMPASS for Enterprise you have access to even more tools – so you can optimise your tech, for your business. Set up, tailor and manage work profiles, and ensure every device is enterprise-ready.


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Custom Android like you’ve never seen it before. Tailor everything from your device interface, to its signal quality, battery power, security, and storage space, and access unrivalled productivity for your workforce. Three levels of customisation, one business critical solution.




Solution Engineering

Our team of expert engineers can design and deliver whatever solutions your workforce may need, from innovative docking solutions to third party product integrations. And with everything handled in-house, your solution will be quality assured to our high TOUGHBOOK standards.



Solution Customisation

Equip your workforce with the ultimate tough tool complete with custom branding, installations, applications, security settings and data, all managed by your dedicated project manager so your devices are ready to go straight out of the box.



Premium Support

Our experts handle all customisations in house and advise you every step of the way. From packing and tracking to technical support, our portfolio of world-class services transforms your efficiency from day one.



ProServices ProTect

Realise ultimate productivity anywhere, anytime without interruption.

Our unbeatable warranty options, unrivalled turnaround time, added to the proven durability of TOUGHBOOK technology will reduce downtime and accidental breakages to ensure your workforce never misses a beat


TOUGHBOOK as a Service

Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable.

TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is an OPEX subscription solution, based on fixed monthly, direct debit payments over 3, 4 or 5 year terms

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