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White papers

  • Research - Process Optimization in Manufacturing: The Key to Best-In-Class Success

    In times of economic volatility, digital transformation is key to the survival of manufacturing companies. Best-in-class companies have already implemented the necessary technologies and resources to cushion disruptive developments in the market and are now using these technological enablers to optimize their process productivity. These top performers rely on solutions that offer greater control in the factory floor and real-time insights and thus set the pace of innovation.Read the report to learn more

  • Future Supply Chain Technologies for the European Delivery Industry 2021

    Supply Chain Technology Trends in the European Delivery Industry explores insights provided by senior executives from major transport and logistics organisations across Europe and identifies the technologies that will drive supply chains forward in the future.

    Triangle Management Services, on behalf of Panasonic Business and Zetes, conducted research to find out how the industry currently uses and is planning to adopt new technology to meet the challenges they currently face in the light of market pressures and industry realities.

    Read the report to learn more

  • Logistics white paper – Why your postman should have a technology background

    For more than 10 years the logistics industry has shown a steady growth, now being worth over $300billion and still growing inexorably. However, this growth has never been easy: The industry has been confronted with new customer expectations, new business models, new market entrants and the need for optimised approaches. 

    While addressing these challenges, it is crucial to understand the impact of technology in logistics and how each area of the industry can benefit.  Read our paper to find out how.

  • Gemba Process Innovation: Driving the future of business innovation in Europe

    Companies are facing massive disruption in their production sites and supply chains triggered by a whole range of emerging trends and technologies. Social trends such as worker shortages and lifestyle changes; environmental trends such as new infectious diseases; and technological advances such as artificial intelligence, intelligent edge devices, and the explosion of e-commerce.

    Faced with this rapidly shifting landscape, companies need to optimise the flow of information from things and people at their operational front line. Read this paper to find out how Panasonic use their vast experience, over 100 years, to help their customers do exactly this.

  • Future Stores

    Retailers facing the challenges of changing shopper habits and falling footfall at brick-and-mortar-stores are looking to innovative technology solutions to drive their businesses in the 2020’s, recent research  for Panasonic Business indicates.  The key areas where technology could help include improving the customer in-store experience, personalised digitalised marketing, stock supply and security.

    WBR Insights and Panasonic surveyed 100 Heads of Retail and equivalent roles from companies across Europe for the latest in a series of retail whitepapers.

    Read the report to find out more.

  • Digitalisation of Retail: On the Way to the Smart Store

    The digital transformation of retail is in full swing: IoT, artificial intelligence and co. are opening up completely new opportunities. But even if bits and bytes are rewriting the rules, physical (yet smart) shops still have a pivotal part to play. Omnichannel solutions are the name of the game. They are blurring the boundaries between in-store and online.

    Against this background, Panasonic Business Europe teamed up with the Cologne-based EHI Retail Institute to produce a white paper for our In-store Insights series.  The document, based on multiple EHI surveys/studies, takes a long, hard look at the digitisation of retail in Germany.

  • Supercharged stores

    The Retail Week report about Supercharged stores investigates the top 30 retailers, who are winning with tech, produced in association with Panasonic.

  • Instore Insights Report: How Data Enhances The Customer Experience In Retail

    Industry-specific research on data usage inlc. a GDPR checklist

  • Fleet management – what role will technology play in risk management?

    Fleet management have a lot of challenges to overcome from the relentless quest for efficiency to the safety and security of the drivers and vehicles. Technology can provide new opportunities in facing these challenges but how much should it be used? In our recent industry forum on managing risk in fleet, speakers from three different perspectives in the industry explored some of these challenges.

  • What are the challenges for robotics and automation in logistics?

    Robotics and automation have the potential to change the future of logistics in a big way. But there are still some challenges we need to face before we get there. In our recent industry forum on robotics and automation in logistics, speakers from industry and academia explored some of these challenges.