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Technology that Delivers

The logistics industry has reached a pivotal moment. Demand is exploding, expectations are greater than ever before, and the requirement of right-first-time performance has never been so high.

Customers want increased delivery volumes, at a lower price. As fast as possible, with the highest levels of customer communication and personalised service.

Now, that’s quite a challenge.

Luckily Panasonic has over 30 years’ experience in the logistics industry. We’re helping organisations just like yours maintain a competitive advantage, by running the leanest operations with as little costly downtime as possible. All while maintaining speed and accuracy.


Create a connected, fully visible and collaborative supply network

  • Streamline workflows

  • Automate processes

  • Increase accuracy

  • Reduce downtime

  • Decrease workforce RSI

  • Optimise security

  • Enable ultimate mobility

  • Ensure uninterrupted connections

  • Get a better return on investment

Everything we offer is designed to make your operations as agile as possible.

parcels off conveyer
parcels on conveyers - Panasonic impressed with their expertise and their attitude

“Panasonic impressed with their expertise and their attitude. We share the same values when it comes to finding innovations that actually offer a business a technical advantage.”

Mara Siewert
Specialist SCM Operations & Material Flow Planning Continental Automotive

Gemba Process Innovation for logistics

Technology, processes and people working in harmony

The logistics sector is facing disruption on a massive scale.

It’s facing transformational environmental and social trends, such as work shortages and lifestyle changes; and significant tech advances such as AI, intelligent edge devices and the e-commerce explosion.

It’s facing an exponential pressure to deliver more. In less time. With fewer resources.

The key to navigating such a rapidly shifting landscape, is to seamlessly combine the digital with the physical. To optimise the flow of information between people, places and ‘things’ on logistics frontlines.

And the physical site – or ‘actual place’ – where this all happens, is the Gemba.

Panasonic’s ‘Gemba Process Innovation’ draws on over 100 years of business, technology and services know-how, to help logistics customers streamline their processes across the entire supply chain.

Allowing your staff to focus on what’s important – your business.


man scanning boxes

The full package

Technology that supports the first to final mile

From your warehouse to the customer’s door, Panasonic integrated solutions can help you optimise the proficiency of your logistics business to ensure you deliver the right items, to the right place, at the right time.

visual aort assistt

Visual Sort Assist (VSA)

Drastically increase the capacity, agility and wellbeing of your parcel sorting force to meet the rising and rapidly changing demands of your customers, without expanding your facilities or investing in costly and complex full automation and extensive staff training.

intelligent warehouse

Intelligent Warehouse Solution (iWS)

Gain full visibility of the movement of packages throughout your premises and across your fleet, so you can quickly spot interruptions and track damage or loss back to the source. Boosting security and reliability while protecting company reputation.

VIXELL – Vacuum insulated cool box

VIXELL – Vacuum insulated cool box

Designed to meet the challenges of cold chain transportation for biopharmaceuticals, investigational drugs and vaccines that require strict temperature controls, VIXELL features patented vacuum insulation and health-monitoring technology for guaranteed insulation performance, goods protection and long-lasting cooling power.

Gemba Process Innovation

Gemba Process Innovation

Create lean, productive operations, and a flawless fulfilment journey, by innovating processes and combining the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

toughbook solutions

TOUGHBOOK mobile solutions

Specialist and ergonomic devices, software and accessories to enable warehouse and logistics staff across the entire supply chain to be fully digitally connected, wherever they are, whatever the conditions. Increasing efficiency and delivering significant ROI.

solutions blog

Solutions blog

Alongside industry giants and technology experts, we regularly explore key issues facing the retail and supply chain industries today.

Don’t waste your (sorting) time or money

Increase the capacity, accuracy and speed of parcel sorting, while decreasing the strain on your staff…using your already existing resources. No expensive facility changes, no full automation and no complex staff training needed. Introducing the Virtual Sort Assist (VSA).

visual sort assistant
From orders, scanning, picking and packing, to delivery and drop off. Our expert team is on hand to help with any questions you

Let’s talk

From orders, scanning, picking and packing, to delivery and drop off. Our expert team is on hand to help with any questions you may have regarding all areas of the supply chain. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch very shortly.

Case studies



A supply chain evolution

Panasonic’s customised engineering solution is helping to drive one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world closer to its Industry 4.0 goal. Process analysis, a redesign of the unloading area, the installation of Visual Sort Assist, and more, have all contributed to eliminating search times for parts altogether.

raben group

Raben group

Taking superior communication on the road

When the time came for these logistics giants to roll out new handhelds to their drivers on a grand scale – 65 branches across 11 countries – they needed a guarantee of: precision, uninterrupted access to real-time data, processing power, multifunctionality, speciality features and flexibility. Which is why they chose the TOUGHBOOK N1.



Door-to-door success

A roll out of Panasonic 24/7 security technology across the majority of Hermes UK warehouses has resulted in better tracing of parcels and a reduction in theft, health and safety risks. In turn winning new business and helping to maintain customer satisfaction, while promoting the company’s reputation.

Opinion piece

Why your postman should have a technology background

In a logistics future that will demand ever-more from every person in the supply chain, what role will technology play?


Logistical logic

Panasonic Business Solutions Blog

Alongside industry specialists and technology experts, we regularly explore the key issues facing the logistics and retail sectors today.