What’s your in-store digitisation strategy?

On Monday, Panasonic picked up an award at the Checkout National Supplier Retail Awards 2019 for ‘Retail Innovation of the year,’ in collaboration with Domus Projects. The accolade was in recognition of our work with Londis Convenience Stores at Dublin City University in Ireland, where we created an integrated retail solution.

The award acknowledges an innovative new product or service, developed over the past 12 months, that has helped to deliver operational efficiencies and workplace improvements to businesses operating in the retail and FMCG sectors.

Londis, owned by BWG Group and Dublin City University opened Ireland's most technologically advanced convenience store last year, featuring hybrid lighting projectors for digital signage and a Panasonic camera system which uses video analytics to actively monitor shelf activity. This solution helps to keep on top of stock replenishment, as well as ensuring merchandising compliance. The aim was to create an efficient, engaging shopping experience for Londis DCU’s ‘store of the future.’

Three Panasonic SpacePlayer™ hybrid lighting projectors, provided electronic signage and a cutting edge image-projection solution that displays video content on dedicated walls within the store. These clip on to standard lighting rails, making them incredibly flexible. The solution presented new opportunities for Londis to display signage flexibly across the store. Every surface became a potential canvas and an additional revenue stream, as suppliers were able to agree advertising campaigns with the store which could be far more dynamic than standard, static point of sale material.

There are plans to take this even further to involve the customers themselves by creating an App so that DCU students are able to create, order and purchase pizzas remotely. These would be visualised virtually using the Space Player and the app would then give the students a time to collect their pizza in store.

The installation highlights the opportunities available for retail stores to develop and integrate technology solutions that make the shopping experience more engaging for customers, as well as more efficient for the organisations themselves. The digitisation of the physical store is a must, retail stores needs to offer experience and service that customers can’t get online. 

Technological solutions such as this can help to solve the challenges that the retail sector faces. Panasonic is working on solutions that will provide real operational benefits for retailers, allowing them to free up human capital and direct staff towards high-value-added tasks, helping retailers to revolutionise the in-store customer experience.