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Connecting for Tomorrow with integrated supply chain solutions that intelligently link components, hardware and software to solve customers' production and logistics challenges.

Panasonic will be presenting its significantly expanded supply chain product and solution portfolio at LogiMAT 2022, in Stuttgart, Germany from 31st May-June 2nd. The solutions are designed to solve customers’ production and logistics challenges by intelligently linking components, hardware and software. Addressing the complete needs of the production and logistics industry, Panasonic offers customised turnkey solutions for challenges ranging from sorting incoming goods to warehousing and material flow control through to last mile order picking.

An Industrial IoT solution for material flow control

Supply chain pressures are placing increasing demands on managing material flow. Panasonic’s Logiscend provides a powerful end-to-end IoT system that gets the right parts to the right place at the right time with a full turnkey, highly visible, and truly paperless Smart Material solution. Logiscend can deliver a Real Time Location System (RTLS) by combining Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and locators with Panasonic VIEW tags to track and locate any part at any time - improving transparency, accuracy and flexibility while reducing costs. Find out more about the Logiscend solution here.

Drives you can rely on

The compact, modular 400V servo drive system, MINAS A6 Multi, has been specially developed for European customers. Each of the slim drive controllers in the book size format, which is only 50 millimeters wide, can control two axes, reducing the space required in the control cabinet by up to 64 percent. Motors from 400W to 5kW are available. This servo drive system provides a reliable source of movement for a wide variety of industries. The easily expandable and therefore futureproof design is especially well suited for plastics and metal processing, packaging or CNC applications. More details on the MINAS A6 Multi can be found here.

Optimised material flow - VSA & Blue Yonder Luminate

Panasonic’s global expertise in electronic manufacturing has been strengthened with the establishment of Panasonic Connect. We incorporate key areas of Panasonic, such as AV technology expertise alongside cold chain, sensors or robotics technologies to deliver turnkey solutions that can be integrated in existing IT infrastructures.

At Logimat 2022, we will share case studies and present the latest generation of our solution and product portfolio. This will include:

Advanced object recognition is at the heart of the Visual Sort Assist (VSA) solution. When goods are delivered, the system scans barcodes or supplier addresses and projects supplier names and priority in production or storage location onto packages that are transported by conveyor belt. At the same time, deliveries are compared with the information stored in the ERP system or WMS, providing real-time access to the inventory. Panasonic subsidiary Blue Yonder will also be demonstrating its cloud-based Luminate AI-driven supply chain solutions covering planning, warehouse management and implementation.

Other edge devices available include a smart locker for food deliveries – with freezing or heating functions. For medical and pharma logistics, Panasonic offers the VIXELL solution. It’s an IoT-enabled, modular box system developed for temperature sensitive transportation of medical studies or vaccines that can hold at temperatures of -75° C for up to 18 days, with the sensor equipment to allow for transparent tracking.

Reliable mobile IT solutions - TOUGHBOOK

In close cooperation with customers, Panasonic develops customised mobile IT solutions based on TOUGHBOOK tablets, notebooks and handheld devices. Thanks to their rugged and modular design, the ergonomically designed TOUGHBOOK devices serve as reliable and multifunctional tools, for example for barcode scanning and for volume calculation with INTEL RealSense technology. Combined with accessories and services such as rapid app development and industry-specific software from partners, TOUGHBOOK IT solutions support digitalized processes along the supply chain. For example, as part of warehouse management solutions, including forklift control systems, order management and track & trace applications. Customers optimizing their processes with TOUGHBOOK solutions include GEA, Katoen Natie, Planzer Transport AG, Post NL, Raben Group, numerous automotive companies and one of the world's largest soft drink manufacturers.

Visit us at LogiMAT 2022, at Booth A71 in Hall 6, of the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, from 31st May-June 2nd, to see how Panasonic could help your organisation. Register here: