In-store Insights from us, for you

Author: Sean Taylor, Business Development Manager, Panasonic UK

Understanding the retailers and their unique needs is key to our success. So we stay abreast of the latest trends and emerging technologies. And we believe it is important to share our knowledge with you. Against this background, we published three white papers last year as part of our In-store Insights series. Each of these provides actionable information that helps retail players better understand and address important industry topics.

More than a store

Technology is often heralded as the destroyer of brick-and-mortar shops. However, when harnessed correctly, it can be their saviour. Our Supercharged Stores white paper, created in partnership with Retail Week, examines how UK retailers are implementing digitisation at their physical stores.  It highlights five up-and-coming in-store solutions, and provides a comprehensive overview of market adoption rates, and how these innovations drive engagement and conversion. Read more about this topic in my colleague’s blog.

The situation in Germany

In Germany, nearly 90 percent of sales turnover still takes place in bricks-and-mortar shops. But here, too, incumbent retailers are looking to deploy new solutions and implement omnichannel strategies. We teamed up with EHI to investigate the latest trends.

The digitisation of commerce is in full swing, the former separation between on and offline seems to be disappearing, and retail is moving towards an omnichannel approach. In recent years, general technological development has continued to gain momentum. With the growing relevance of topics such as IoT and artificial intelligence, new opportunities and perspectives for the design of a digitisation strategy are opening up for retailers. We are starting to see more technology incorporated in stores to enhance the customer experience, from shop fitting to security.  Click here to read the report (original in German).

What’s the deal with GDPR?

Whether online or offline, retailers cannot ignore the power of big data and analytics.  That said, companies that process, store, or transmit the personal data of EU citizens must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our special report, How data enhances the customer experience, examines the impact of GDPR, including consumer rights and concerns, and how to address them. It includes a comprehensive checklist to help ensure your business operates in compliance, and shares market insights from our experts in Germany, France and the UK. A must-read for any retailer serving EU customers, and it can be found here

A partner you can trust

The In-store Insights series is designed to deliver concrete facts and figures, and to aid decision-making. And above all, it is meant to not just highlight problems but unlock genuine opportunities. What’s more, we at Panasonic can supply the tools needed to put theory into practice. Visit our subscription centre to sign up for our newsletters, and keep up to speed with the latest industry developments and Panasonic solutions.