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Managing more than 25,000 price labels across five locations with one central price system: The solution eliminates errors, cuts price update times by 80% and improves customer experience.

Bracknell, UK. 15th March 2022 – Independent retail company Jempsons has installed Panasonic Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) at its East Sussex convenience stores to improve pricing accuracy, save staff time and improve customer service. Managing more than 25,000 price tags across five locations with one central price system, the ESL solution has eliminated human error and made an 80% time saving on label updates.

The family-owned business was struggling with the timely update of pricing at its range of supermarkets, cafes, post offices, petrol station and pharmacy. Jempsons relied on staff members to update the price labels in-store every three weeks, with up to 4500 SKUs in each store. The night before prices were set to change, all price labels would be removed from the shelves and then updated the next morning – taking some time and creating potential for human error with discrepancies between the paper labels and the till prices.

The Panasonic ESL system links into Jempsons’ core price management system and is centrally controlled. By changing the price on the master list, electronic shelf labels throughout the stores are automatically updated. The result is a 100% reduction of errors and an 80% time saving on price updates.

“The result has undoubtedly been a labour and cost-saving for the business,” said Stephen Jempsons, Managing Director, at Jempsons Ltd. “The staff no longer have to worry about updating the labels because they can do it at the click of a button and then focus their attention elsewhere in the store. The savings on paper labels, ink and printers are also a positive benefit.”

With fewer staff members required on the store floors, the solution has also increased the number of customers that can use the stores during the pandemic and cut queuing time at check-outs by eliminating discrepancies. The roll-out across the locations was completed in March 2022.


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