• P2 Streaming Server

    P2 Streaming Server

P2 Streaming Server
Hardware QoS Receiver with Web GUI Management

Robust QoS Live Streaming | 2 HD-SDI Channel Outputs (AJ-SRK001-2CH) | 4 HD-SDI Channel Outputs (AJ-SRK001-4CH) | Flexible Input/Output & Simple Operation

The P2 Streaming Service (P2SS) is compatible with Panasonic AVC-Ultra QoS streaming camcorders and integrated streaming PRO PTZ cameras that are out in the field or installed in various locations all over a wired/wireless IP network. The P2SS (dependent on server model) utilizes 2 or 4 simultaneous HD-SDI outputs. Its intuitive interface allows monitoring of to 20 cameras per page with thumbnails. It also allows monitoring of your simultaneous SD-HDI outputs. Using the software interface, simply dragging and dropping a thumbnail initiates a streaming output.P2 Streaming Server

The intuitive interface also features remote camera control & image adjustment parameters dependent on the type of camera that is being streamed, allowing for centralization and simplification of workflow in mission critical environments. Furthermore, stream parameters/bitrate/modes can be adjusted from the same common interface with real time network metrics and analytics. This intuitive web interface can be accessed anywhere on the same network.

Set-up is a breeze with AVC-Ultra camcorders, as the P2 Streaming Service works with Panasonic’s P2Cast cloud to maintain a camera list in the cloud and allows for simplified network setup without requiring that each camera have a Global IP address.


  • Manage up to 1000 cameras
  • Either 2 or 4 simultaneous HD-SDI outputs 
  • Web Based User Interface for access from any remote terminal on the same network 
  • Remote Camera Control & Image Adjustment
  • Basic server user management
  • Windows Server 2012 backbone for advanced operation, monitoring and reliable 24/7 usage