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Simultaneous streams for music fans and event producers that want a unique director’s view of the Panasonic glass-to-glass production solution, featuring KAIROS.

Bracknell, UK. 23rd November 2021 – Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster Mediaset has deployed Panasonic KAIROS, the next generation live production platform, to support live IP workflows at its Light Studio facility, in Milan. As the content creation industry moves to IP production, the KAIROS Core 1000 future-proofs the studio with the ability to support legacy SDI while seamlessly integrating into the facility’s ST2110 infrastructure. 


Bracknell, UK. 28th October 2021 – Stagecast and Panasonic have helped the Edinburgh International Festival reach a wider audience than ever before by streaming six classical concerts from the world-renowned annual arts event.  As specialists in live streaming and filming of both classical music and opera, Stagecast used Panasonic PTZ camera and broadcast solutions and drew upon its extensive experience to bring remote audiences closer to some of the festival’s concerts.


The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. The former refers to it as a measured phenomenon – the passage of the years, seasons and days. The latter denotes the sense of the moment – the individual’s experience here and now. Chronos is heavy and predictable, while kairos is immediate, personal and very valuable. When someone talks about ‘seizing the moment’, kairos is the moment they’re talking about. Panasonic’s history has long been one of top developers and engineers working in the company’s Japan-based labs.