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Toughbook dominates the European Market.

If you chose Toughbook, you’re far from alone.

New figures from analysts at The VDC Research Group show that Toughbook is the leading brand for rugged computers within Europe.

In the Large Form Rugged Computer market, a sector including notebooks, convertibles, tablet and vehicle mounted PCs, Panasonic shipped 47.1% of units. In the more specific rugged notebook market, Toughbooks dominated with a share of 72.9%.

Even during a challenging period, the values of the Toughbook brand have held strong. As David Keith, Mobile and Wireless Practice Director at VDC notes, “The fundamentals of rugged mobile computing solutions – in terms of enhancing workforce productivity through mission critical mobile applications – remain sound and the market is expected to rebound in 2010”; an opportunity he sees Panasonic as “well established to take advantage of.”  In the end, we owe our success to our customers. “Toughbook computers allow companies to give their front line workers secure and reliable access to data and applications, often replacing pen and paper, totally changing how they work and dramatically improving their productivity.” says Toughbook Marketing Director, Stephen Yeo.  If Toughbook can flourish in challenging conditions, it’s because we help companies to do the same.